Easy Ways to Get from San Diego to Six Flags Magic Mountain

 Are you planning a fun family-oriented trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain but unsure how to reach it from San Diego? Look no further; this article contains everything you need for successful trip planning!

San Diego to Six Flags Magic Mountain

Greyhound bus tickets will take approximately five hours and cost $40-$70, taking you from San Diego to Santa Ana before continuing onto Santa Clarita for two additional two-hour bus rides en route to Six Flags! Finally, from there it is just a 10-minute cab ride directly to Six Flags!

Amtrak trains offer another convenient means of travel to Six Flags within equal time as busses: first take a 3 hour journey from San Diego Santa Fe Depot to Los Angeles Union Station, followed by one-and-15-minute trains between there and Santa Clarita station and park gates, eventually ending up with 10 minute cab ride. Overall this trip should cost approximately $60-100.


Traveling by car to Six Flags would be the easiest, fastest, and cheapest method available to you. Located just 155 miles from San Diego and taking approximately three hours by freeways is probably best; Interstate 5 north connects directly with Magic Mountain Parkway which leads directly into Six Flags parking lot entrance - perfect for using as GPS!

Six Flags Parking

Pay for parking now online here to save both time and cash at the toll booths! Purchasing parking online costs the same amount as purchasing it at the park: $25 per vehicle for regular parking or upgrade to preferred parking for an extra $10 fee.

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain Parking Address and GPS Link:
  • 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia, CA 91355.

When traveling with a large group, renting out a charter bus or school bus could be the ideal way to take everyone back and forth from the park. BookBuses provides accurate and affordable quotes tailored specifically to meet the needs of your trip, such as custom stopovers, restrooms, WiFi, power outlets and much more. 

Doing extensive research about charter buses you could rent can take up a considerable amount of your time; BookBuses makes your search faster by providing access to and comparison between all available charter bus companies - helping you to quickly find the ideal price! BookBuses makes things even simpler by taking care of all of the details for you - with just a small parking fee added on on arrival day - you just have to book and wait! Visit bookbuses.com or call (646) 801 6280 for more information regarding group travel options available to you!

Here is a comparison of costs to take a group from San Diego to Six Flags from Six Flags itself.

Are You Wondering How to Reach Six Flags, Magic Mountains Los Angeles in San Diego by Public Transit in United States? Moovit provides step-by-step directions from any public transit station directly to Six Flags, Magic Mountains Los Angeles.

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Are You Searching for Six Flags, Magic Mountains Los Angeles Nearest Stop or Station? Take a look at this list: 10th Av & Broadway; Broadway & 5th Av; Broadway & Park Bl; Civic Center Station; 11th Av & Broadway; 7th Ave and F Streets and 9th Av respectively

Bus:12, 20, 215 or 215, with seats for 12-20 occupants on each. 923 = 110 aspirating 901 = 5 (225=235). Train=COASTER and Cable Car (BLUE).

Are You Exploring Alternate Routes that Get You There Faster? Moovit can help! Moovit offers alternative routes or times from and to Six Flags Magic Mountains Los Angeles quickly using its App or Website.

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For information regarding bus, cable car and train fares to Six Flags Magic Mountains Los Angeles please use Moovit app.

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Six Flags Magic Mountains Los Angeles Address is 9th Ave Street in San Diego

FAQ San Diego to Six Flags Magic Mountain

1. What is the cheapest way from San Diego to Six Flags Magic Mountain?
    Driving costs between Rs2,300-Rs3,500 and takes 2hrs 41m.

2. What is the fastest way from San Diego to Six Flags Magic Mountain?
    Driving takes 2h 41m and costs Rs2,300- Rs3,500.

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