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 Engagement rings and Engagement announcements have become a big thing these days - thanks to social media, people have made this rather intimate and private moment something of a trend with all celebrities and influencers posting their high fashion proposals and larger than life engagement rings. 

Moissanite Ring Designs in 2022

But when it comes to reality, engagements can be quite a costly affair for the common man, and most people end up spending large chunks of money just to get going with the social media trend. 

Thankfully, many new alternatives are now available in the market, such as the Moissanite Solitaire Ring, which allows couples to diverge their funds in an efficient way to other things that matter too, such as the wedding, the honeymoon, investments for life together post the wedding and other financial securities. 

Although giving in to the latest fancy and fashion might be tempting, it may make sense to invest the money in many different things rather than spending a fortune on just one affair. 

Things like diamond rings or a Diamond Solitaire ring have a perfect alternative that serves all the same purpose and shares all the same qualities but costs just a portion of the cost of a Diamond ring. 

So when a cheaper, more economical alternative with all the benefits of a diamond ring exists in the world, it may be time for couples to do a quick fact check and evaluate their criteria. Moissanite Solitaire Rings look and feel exactly like diamond rings because of the striking similarity between the two stones. 

Apart from the fact that one stone is found naturally and the other is lab made, there are hardly any differences between the two. But this singular difference creates a huge disparity in the costs of the two stones. 

Moissanite Rings in 2022

Moissanite is a lab-made stone that was first initially discovered at a meteor crash location in the 1980s. Soon the stone took over the market for its striking similarity and qualities to that of the diamond. 

Today Moissanite is completely made in labs and can be given almost all the qualities of the diamond (including clarity, cut, strength, durability, brilliance and color) but would still cost about 1/5th of a diamond or less. Because moissanite’s flexibility is lab-made, couples can choose to have custom-based engagement rings that look and feel just like diamonds but with no compromise in quality. 

Some of the most amazing Moissanite ring designs in 2022 are made with a combination of a solitaire stone in a rose gold band, white gold band or platinum band. The band can be customized with the name of the couple or a date, or any other custom wordings. 

A brilliant moissanite stone can be chosen and custom-made for the liking of the couple. The latest trends include a slight tinge of color, making it look rare and precious, just like diamonds such as pale yellow, powder blue, deep blue, moss green, pastel pink or slight grey, a common color in solitaire diamond stones. 

The most popular cuts that are preferred in Diamonds can be recreated in Moissanite as well, such as the Princess cut, the Asher Cut, The Cushion Cut, The Emerald cut or the Oval cut. Asher Cut and Cushion cut stones offer excellent brilliance in Moissanite as they have more edges and allow more light to be captured and refracted. 

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