10 Things You Need To Know About Malachite Gemstone

 Malachite is a type of green copper carbonate mineral having an essential component of the monolithic crystal system. It has a kind of silky and lustrous outlook with ore of copper and opaque transparency.  

Malachite Gemstone

Many times, experts have found a patterned surface in the malachite. For example, Malachite has a shade of Green. The color shade of malachite signifies energy, positive change, and transformation. 

Malachite is quite an ancient gemstone. The term malachite has been derived from the Greek word 'Mallache.' The meaning of this Greek term is Green. The green color of malachite equivalents the green color of peacock feathers.

The malachite stone is associated with aspects like death, fertility, the afterlife, and resurrection. This stone was referred to as the God stone by the Egyptians of the Ancient days. This is a powerful gemstone whose vibrations are aligned with the heart and throat chakra.

Properties of Malachite stone

There are various properties imbibed in a stone of malachite. Let us see what those properties are through the following points.

  • Colour- green
  • Found in Stalactites and botryoidal coatings
  • The shape of crystals- circular and tabular
  • Chemical composition- carbonate
  • Crystal system- Monoclinic
  • Specific gravity- 3.6 to 4.0

Malachite and its history

The Egyptians and Greeks hugely favor the gemstone called malachite. It was being used by them as a protective gem. Known to have mined in Russia, Australia, and Congo. It is derived from the Greek word called malakos which means soft.

The Greeks used to gift this stone to others. However, they were not the only ones who fell in love with this stone. Rather, the Egyptians, too, used to favor this stone for certain properties that are contained in malachite. 

 Malachite and its healing properties 

Malachite is also known as the guardian of the heart. It helps one to get rid of toxic energy and helps to heal diseases like extreme blood pressure and the breaking of bones. Malachite also allows you to get out of your comfort zone.

Malachite and physical healing properties

Malachite is the perfect stone for the healing purposes of your body. It has a calming nature. It helps to keep blood pressure in check. It encourages the quick healing of torn muscles and problems with joints and broken bones.

It has high feminine energy. It helps women to overcome period problems like menstrual cramps. It also helps the body flow in better harmony when encountering labor pain. Therefore it is rightly called the Midwife's stone.

It aids the body in dealing with a pounding heart. It diminishes fears. It helps you to control sweats that come in handy with phobias. Those who face travel sickness or fear of traveling in aviation can use this gemstone to restrict their fears.

Malachite and mental healing properties

Malachite helps in overcoming toxic emotions and unwanted energy. It aids one with inner strength and confidence and makes you comfortable facing changes. Malachite has consistently been recognized due to its huge protection power. 

It gives you the courage to shun away all kinds of blackmail. It helps you to flush out toxic emotions. It allows you to clear away unwanted energy. It makes a person wiser and very much courageous.

With malachite, you can have a smooth decision-making process. It gives you an important reminder- that is, to move forward in life no matter what happens. It keeps you centered and calm.

Malachite and Metaphysics 

Malachite is a heart chakra stone. It works with the third eye. It is also centered around the solar plexus chakra. When our heart chakra is closed, we struggle to do many things. The gemstone Malachite helps in the process of opening the heart chakra.

The third eye chakra is where our most profound intuition and infinite wisdom rests. A malachite stone helps in the process of opening the third eye chakra. We can have an apparent foresight when our third eye chakra is opened.

Malachite and Zodiac birthmark 

A malachite stone is a birth gemstone for two zodiac signs. One of them is Scorpio, and the other one is Capricorn. Malachite has different ways of helping a zodiac sign. Let us see what those aspects are.

For Scorpio

Those who possess Scorpio as their zodiac sign have an ever-changing energy flow. In this regard, a malachite stone helps you to protect yourself. It is also known as the name of Journey stone.

For Capricorns

A malachite gemstone helps to take the people having the Capricorn zodiac sign out of their comfort zone. It provides them with the confidence to take risks. This, in turn, helps in the process of evolving as a person.

How to take care of malachite stone?

Buying or using a gemstone is not enough. You need to take care of it to make it durable for the long run. So let us see how we can protect our malachite stone.

  • Take off malachite stone while you are running or climbing as it is very soft
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners to clean malachite
  • Place your Malachite in a fabric box free of dirt

How To Tell If Malachite is Real Or Fake?

Many asks, how to know if Malachite is real or fake. We will answer the question today. Real Malachite has a beautiful array of swirls, waves, rings, and stripes, however imitation ones prefer to adhere to stripes since they are the easiest to create. Because of the chemical production of copper carbonate, pure malachite is always green whereas fake malachite are lighter in shade. It usually appears as multiple sensitive and concentric green patterns. You can also find if a Malachite is real or fake, by visiting any reputed jewellery agency.

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