What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of Virtual Classes for Students

 We and our world are suffering from serious pandemic situation, due to this schools, colleges and institutions are closed all over the world. The students are not getting proper knowledge.

Virtual Classes for Students


Due to this pandemic situation the classes are being suspended and to overcome this problem, government has organised online virtual classes all over the world. 


There are some advantages of online virtual classes. Online mode of study is a very convenient method both for students and teachers. 

Both can actively participate in the knowledgeable session without going out of the houses. We people are all well aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that was put this entire planet under serious lockdown. There is absolutely no doubt that the online study is a safe alternative in case of a big threat. 

During this pandemic situation the students are able to convey their problems and doubts with their teachers. They can send their time in their self-study which will help them to solve their queries themselves. The students can sit comfortably in their rooms and can convey their problems and doubts with their teachers. This helps in reducing the possibility of disease spreading. Thus an online mode of study is a fusion of technology and education which will help the students to build up their minds.


 But on the other hand, this virtual online classes have some disadvantages too. The success of an online session depends only on their own conduct. How keen the students are on learning new things will decide whether the online sessions are beneficial to them or not. The teachers are might not be able to see what the students are doing during online sessions. 

So it is the responsibility of the students to focus on studies. It depends on how well the students are able to concentrates on their sessions. In the classroom that teachers can concentrate on each and every students for their study but during online sessions it is not possible for them to watch everyone. 

It depends on the honesty of the students that how much they are honest to their study. Some students giving the name of online classes to their parents, they are misusing the precious time given to them to clear their doubts and problems. They are playing game, watching videos and many more during online classes. 

They are not understanding that they have much time to focus on their studies, but they are misusing those precious time in playing games and all. 

Online study requires electronic machine/gadgets to conduct the classes. The students have to stare into the screens for long hours continuously. This impacts on their health causing vision issues, headache and many more. 

So, it is very important keep in mind that virtual online classes are meant for studies, but not for their personal entertainment. So "Gain it, Learn it."


Authored by:-

Anvita Priyadarshini

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