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 Monsoon season is one of the most romantic and magical seasons of all time. Relaxing with your loved ones while enjoying the rain and sipping on hot beverages is the most ideal way of spending rainy days. However, planning a wedding in the monsoon season may not be as easy as it looks because of the adjustments in the wedding planning process. 

Wedding in Monsoon Season

Monsoon weddings sound dreamy and magical without a doubt but there are certain things to be taken into consideration when planning a wedding in the rainy season. Hosting a wedding in summer or winter is comparatively easier because it is possible to control the consequences of extreme weather conditions. Nonetheless, monsoon season and its intensity are difficult to predict at times. This guide will help you keep all the important points in mind to ensure a successful monsoon wedding and to keep it dreamy at the same time. 

Guide to host a magical monsoon wedding

Pick a waterproof venue 

There are several wedding venues in Delhi and other parts of India that offer both indoor and outdoor spaces to host weddings, keeping the extreme weather conditions in mind. It is imperative to book a waterproof for a monsoon wedding, which means that it has both indoor and outdoor spaces for backup in case the outdoor areas are inaccessible due to rain. Additionally, it is important to consider the geographical area of the wedding venue to ensure that the drainage system is operational and there is no water clogging due to heavy rain. It is convenient to book a venue that is interlinked sensibly so that the guests are not exposed to the rain, such as the distance from the parking lot to the venue. 

A suitable arrangement for outstation guests

There are guests at every wedding who fly from different states or countries to be a part of your grand celebration and to be there as a support system. It is essential to either plan for the guests so that they are prepared to face the monsoon season without any obstruction, or it is advised to give them a heads up. This way the guests can be prepared to carry extra clothes and other items to beat the rain. Rainy weather is unpredictable, and it is best to stay prepared to avoid chaos at the wedding. 

Choose monsoon menu

Some food items, such as salads and leafy food items, may not be suitable for the rainy season as they may not be very fresh. For rainy days, the best kind of food items to keep would be something spicy and something to munch on. Spicy snacks such as Pakoras, Samosas, Indian street food, etc. are the most ideal choice for monsoon season. Moreover, people also prefer having warm desserts to satisfy their sweet tooth and to enjoy the rainy season to the fullest. To top it up, keeping hot beverages would be a good idea to bring out the dreaminess of the rainy season. 

Choose everything light

During the rainy season, all the surroundings must be kept light and breezy so that the rain does not cause an issue to maintain such things. Light surroundings include light decorations, fewer fabric drapes, lighter clothing options, and more pastel or minimal colours. By keeping the décor minimal, it will allow the guests and the families to feel less stressed to take care of certain aspects. As the atmosphere is already heavy with humidity and it is difficult to maintain all sorts of decorations, it is advised to keep things light at monsoon weddings. 

Light make-up and light outfits

The bride must choose to wear waterproof make-up on her special day if it is a monsoon wedding. Just in case the bride is caught in the rain, the make-up should stay intact. If not significant, there might be a slight chance of people getting drenched in the rain if the wedding is in the rainy season. All the people attending the wedding, including the bride and the groom, should get a heads up to wear light fabrics so that if they are drenched in the rain, the fabrics and outfits can dry up quickly. It is better to take precautions beforehand so that there are no chances of the overall look getting ruined. 

Make the necessities available to all the guests

It is always a great idea to welcome all the guests with a welcome gift or an appreciation gift basket. During monsoon weddings, it can be a gesture of appreciation to make sure that all the monsoon necessities are available to the guests for their comfort. The necessities can include umbrellas, towels, flip flops, mosquito repellent, and other sorts of items that can help them with their comfort. Flip flops are a great idea for guests who want to dance comfortably and not ruin their footwear. However, it is advised that the guests are warned to wear comfortable footwear to avoid any faux pas. Monsoon weddings are meant for flats and comfortable shoes, rather than investing in heels.  

Avoid floral décor at monsoon weddings 

As beautiful as floral décor is, it is also not the smartest idea to use floral décor at a monsoon wedding. Floral décor gives off a pleasant fragrance and a soothing sight to the guests but considering how the rainy season is, it is also an attraction for insects and mosquitoes. If the insects are confined in an area, then they may disinfect the food and beverages, making it an uncomfortable place to be in. Due to humidity, the closed space may feel claustrophobic if there are excessive flower decorations. Instead of covering the space with floral decorations, multiple alternatives can look equally beautiful at a wedding venue set up. Decorations such as origami, fairy lights, lanterns, candles, etc. can still give your wedding venue a grandeur look overall. 

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