Top Specification of Portable Moisture Analyser
A Moisture Analyser which is also referred to as a moisture meter or moisture balance is a device used for getting the moisture reading inside the sample. They are designed to make infrared heating technology to perform the LOD method on the sample, where LOD expands to Loss on Drying.

Moisture Analyser

LOD is the standard method that is used to let the sample become moisture-free. On continuously heating the sample, the sample starts to lose its moisture content and also the weight gets lighter. As soon as the entire moisture goes missing from the sample, the weight becomes constant. And to calculate moisture, the initial sample weight and dried sample weight is compared.

There are different types of Moisture Analysers or Moisture Meters based on their usage, e.g., Wood moisture meter, Grain moisture meter, Concrete moisture meter, Hay moisture meter, Cotton moisture meter, Tobacco moisture meter, and Honey refractometer. Each of them is used for the same purpose but on distinct materials, such as to measure portable moisture analyzer content in Wood, Grains, Concrete, Hay, Cotton, Tobacco and Honey as well.

All of them come with the more or less same set of specifications like in terms of type of battery used, switch off mode, display, memory, calibration, etc. But some specifications like moisture range, moisture accuracy, moisture resolution, temperature compensation, data output module may differ because of their use with distinct materials or areas of application.

Specifications of a Wood Moisture Analyser

  • Moisture Range - It provides a moisture range of 9% to 30%.
  • Moisture Accuracy - When it comes to accuracy, it allows a variation of ±4% from 9% to 24% of moisture content (m.c.).
  • Moisture Resolution - It allows a variation of around only 0.1% of moisture content (m.c.).
  • Temperature Compensation - It can give results between 0ºC to 50ºC temperature.
  • Display - Large LCD Display is provided for getting a clear view of results.
  • Calibration - There is a built-in self-calibration option is there, which can be reached by a  provided Push Button.
  • Switch Off mode - When no longer in use, it switches off automatically and can be switched off manually as well.
  • Data Output - For providing data output, it uses RS-232 PC serial interface chip.
  • Battery - It operates on an MN1604 (FF3) 9 Volt  DC battery.
  • Accessories - Apart from all these, pin type moisture probe, extra contact pins, and hard carrying case are also provided by the manufacturing companies.

These all are general specifications of a wood moisture analyser and can vary from company to company and with material for which it will be used. As they are used with a different set of materials, so enough care should be taken while choosing the right equipment, according to the area of its application.

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