11 Cool and stylish running shoes for men in India
Indian youngsters are crazy about fitness and workout. Everyone wants to become fit and have six-pack abs. No one wants to compromise not even skip gym for a day. To have a good physique is not enough, you also need to put on better clothes to look good from top to bottom. Fashion never ends. It keeps updating from time to time and that is why looking cool and stylish became a new trend. So if you are looking for proper workout shoes or running shoes then your search ends here. We have a disparate collection of cool and stylish shoes especially for youngsters.  
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Skechers Men Go Run Strada Running Shoes –
Skechers Strada Running Shoes

If you are looking for running on a treadmill or anywhere then this would be a good choice for you. made from thick strong rubber sole you will feel very comfortable and stable during use. It is highly durable and you will feel less pressure on your heels which will improve your blood circulation and improve your calf muscles. 
During running or workout, you will feel lighter because of the kind of material used to make this. And guess what it comes very handy at affordable rates. You can buy this from online stores by getting discounts. 

Puma Faas 500/ 900 Running Shoes

If you are selecting workout shoes from Puma then trust me you are on the good side of the bargain. This adventurous running shoe is smartly designed without attaching leather material to it and comes is diverse colors viz., blue, black and silver and is great fit for men. You can use this running shoe anywhere whether you want to run on grounds, or on the treadmill or even going on any adventure trip. 

This Puma running shoes claims for smoother, comfortable, pleasant and rewarding experience for users. In addition to this, it has some extra features like is tough, durable (can be used for long time) etc. This shoe must be in your buying cart as it comes with affordable price and these things make Puma Faas 500 one of the best running shoes for men in India. 

Reebok ZQuick 2.0 -

Reebok ZQuick 2.0

This is one of the classy limited edition Rebook ZQuick 2.0 workout shoes for men. The sole of this shoes is inspired by car tyres because of high resistance and strongness of car tyres. it provides excellent grip for someone who likes to take morning walk or jogging. You can also use this shoe for running and for gym purposes. 

After wearing this shoe you will feel very light which will help to increase your speed accordingly. You can get at several online stores available.

Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2

When talking about style and quality running or workout shoes for men then one must never forget Adidas - One of the most commonly and popular brands of all time. And why not? There are several reasons to choose adidas like simple colour schemes, rubber material, external sole, breathable mesh material to keep your feet comfortable, lightweight which will improve your blood circulation. 

One of the extra features of this is its wide ranges of styles and coolness it has which helps wide footed runners run better without getting blisters. It is very smooth and durable and can be used for long time.  

Nike Zoom Vomero 9

If you are a fitness freak and runs every day then Nike Zoom Vomero 9 would be a great choice for you. Nike has successfully made its own mark as a unique and distinctive brand of running shoes in India and there is no exception to Nike. It offers an adaptive and supportive fit which allows to rest on foot and heels like a glove. It is made from a special kind of rubber i.e., abrasion resistant BRS 1000 carbon rubber which lies under the crash pad which reduces the toughness and tightness which someone feels when using it for first time. 

The mesh of this shoe allows air to pass in and out which also helps in getting full length cushion midsole which provides responsive cushioning and makes the shoes more durable than you can imagine. And this is why it is considered as one of the best workout shoes for men. 

Under Armour Charged lightening Running Shoes -

One of the most popular sleek design lightening running shoes for men which can be used for other sports activities apart from running as well. You can do other activities as well apart from morning walk and workout sessions. 
This shoe has lower midsole which makes it comfortable and it is also lightweight, durable and avoids less pressure on heels and foot and thus avoids any lower back pain or joint issues. Another reason for being comfortable because they come with a sock liner as well. And the best part is they are not expensive and comes at affordable prices guaranteed. You can find this at online stores available.    

Adidas Response Boost –

Being designed from excellent material and is perfect for running purposes and due to this it helps in maintaining comfortness, lightness and flexibility and this is why it is considered as one of the best running cum workout shoes for men in India. You will varieties of color combination for this adidas hunk with elegant and luxurious look. Make sure you buy this from online store available. 

Puma Mobium Elite - 

You will experience the feeling of Usain Bolt during running with this shoe. Comes with varieties of smart and casual look, elite is the perfect shoe for you. It is very lightweight and capable enough to make you run without pain. It comes with adaptive fit technology which changes according to your foot so as to give comfort and natural feel. If you are looking for these kind of shoes then this Mobium Elite is definitely for you.  

Adidas Adiray 1.0 W -

This lightweight running shoes is made from combination of synthetic overlays with Mesh underlays which ensures breathability with full rubber outsole providing durability. It comes with new upper design which is made from low to ground with faster 3-stripes execution which enhances it’s overall appeal along with great fit and this is why it is considered as one of the best running cum workout shoes for men in India. 

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