Worried about tanning? 16 natural ways to remove tanning and get glowing face
Don’t worry about your skin tanning. We are informing you some natural ways on how to remove tan from face and to get glowing skin within few weeks. You don’t need to buy any cream or products, just have to follow some basic home remedies and you will see those face tanning fading away. So just relax and read this post.

Lemon has citric acid and disparate natural enzymes. Citric acid acts kills bacterias responsible for tanning and makes the skin bright. It does this with the help of natural enzymes which tightens the pores so that infections and pollutants cannot enter into it and purifying pores simultaneously. You can splash one lemon juice and can mix with rose water and directly apply on skin. Do this at least for a week daily. You will be flabbergasted by the results.

Combination of turmeric and Bengal gram flour pack – 

Bengal gram flour is harsh in nature and due to this harshness it removes dead skin cells and skin impurities while turmeric on the other side gives instant exfoliation, skin toning.

Blend 2 tbsp of Bengal gram flour with a pinch of turmeric along with 1 tbsp each of milk and rose water. Apply this directly to affected areas and you will see results within a week. You can also use this on alternate days. 

Use Bio Anti Tan Facial Kit –

To remove tan from face and skin you can use biotique bio anti tan facial kit. This is because this kit has 6 other products i.e., honey gel cleanser, papaya scrub, morning nectar solution, fruit pack to target face mask, dandelion serum, swiss magic dark spot corrector and the best part is these all are made from ayurvedic substances such as papaya, dandelion, ashwagandha etc and has no side effects and are safe to use.

Aloe vera, red lentil and tomato pack – 

Red lentil aka masoor dal is an active tan removal ingredient. When it is combined with aloe and tomato extract then it becomes very powerful. Tomato like lemon helps in skin lightening while aloe vera helps in skin nourishment and soothening of sensitive skin. 

Combination of honey and papaya pack – 

Papaya contains an enzyme called as papaine which is responsible for skin whitening, skin renewal and exfoliating products. On the other hand, honey makes the skin softer and supple. When both are combined then they become powerful combination. Use this combination twice or thrice a week to get amazing results. 

Buttermilk and oatmeal pack - 

Oats acts a natural exfoliator by making skin younger look and buttermilk helps in skin soothening and healing the wounds and cuts. You will need 3 tbsp of buttermilk and 2 tbsp of oatmeal. You can use this scrub twice a week. 

Yoghurt and tomato pack – 

This combination is very helpful for reducing pigmentation as well as dark spots. Tomato is a natural tan remover and works on dark spots and pigmentation. It also helps in skin tonning and opening up the pores on the skin and reduces excessive oils naturally. On the other side, yoghurt helps in moisturizing and skin soothening. 

Yoghurt and orange juice – 

Orange juice has citric acid which is a natural bleaching agent and has vitamin C which helps in skin renewing by eliminating free radicals while yoghurt helps in skin moisturizing and skin smoothening. Apply this combination on affected areas and leave it for half an hour then wash it. Do this daily on consistent basis to see tremendous results.

Blending of strawberry and milk – 

Mix strawberries with fresh milk to make thick paste and leave it for at least half an hour. Milk is responsible for fighting against skin damage by sun by repairing the damage and has anti-aging properties which fights with the symptoms of aging signs and removes them completely. Not only this, it has anti-inflammatory properties which control acne and fights skin infections. 
Strawberries on the other hand, are natural exfoliators which helps in removing dead skin cells and helps in skin lightening and moisturization. Apply this combination twice a week to get desired results. 

Lemon juice and potato – 

Potato is loaded with fibers, vitamins and minerals which helps in treating blemishes and sunburn naturally. As also mentioned above, lemon juice contains citric acid which reduces skin darkness and hyper-pigmentation.  

Yoghurt and Orange juice – 

Orange juice consists of citrus acid which is a natural bleaching agent. It also has vitamin C which helps in renewing of skin by eliminating free radicals. On the other hand, yoghurt helps in increasing moisture and reducing pigmentations. Repeat this pack daily to get desired results. 

Strawberry and milk -

milk is loaded with anti-tan, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in fighting against acne issues, removing tan in natural way and helps in fighting the symptoms of aging skin and removes it completely. It also helps reducing fine lines and wrinkles with regular use. 
Strawberries on the other hand are natural exfoliators which helps in removing dead skin cells and also helps in skin lightening and skin moisturizing. 

Lemon juice and potato – 

Potato juice is enriched with fibers, crucial vitamins and minerals which helps in treating blemishes and sunburn in natural ways. Lemon juice on the other side consists of citric acid which helps in fading away skin darkness and hyper-pigmentation. After mixing both the ingredients, leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with cold water. Use this combination daily till you get desired results.  

Sandalwood – 

Has anti-inflammatory and anti-astringent properties which helps in lighting skin tone and removing tanning caused by harmful sun rays. Mix lukewarm water with sandalwood powder to get thick smooth paste and apply that paste on affected areas and leave it until it gets dried. Do this on alternate days till you get desired results. 

Coconut water and sandalwood pack -

Sandalwood has medicinal properties which when mixed with coconut water becomes cheap and effective tan removal product. This combination helps in renewing and skin cleansing but also helps in skin soothening, healing wounds and sunburns and remove tan naturally. Give this a try for twice or thrice a week. You can also add few drops of almond extract to this pack. It will also add great benefits to it.

Honey and pineapple –

This combination is also known as tropical fruits for the pineapple and it is loved by millions for its tangy and fresh flavor. Pineapple extract has bromelain which can help removing the dead skin cells from the heavily tanned areas. 

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