Safety 101: 5 Tips For Riding a Bike

Motorcycle riding looks cool when you’re viewing it live or on a screen. However, it’s even more thrilling when you’re the one doing the riding. There’s just something about feeling the wind blow through your hair and the rush of freedom riding provides. That said, many practices people carry out while riding are unsafe.

riding a Bike

Unfortunately, these unsafe practices usually lead to very preventable accidents. In this article, you’ll discover five essential safety tips to ensure a safe bike ride every time.

Tip 1: Wear A Helmet

At first glance, this might seem like a pretty obvious motorcycle riding tip; however, stats indicate it isn’t. Many people appear to be unaware of just how vital a motorcycle helmet is to ensuring they ride safely. According to research, more than 40% of bike accident fatalities involved people not wearing a helmet.

Aside from this, lots of those who survived the accidents develop severe injuries and complications a helmet could have prevented. Based on the above, it’s evident that a safety-first approach to bike riding goes a long way. Besides, if your concern is finding a fashionable motorcycle helmet, there are lots of these on the market. 

Tip 2: Regular Bike Inspection and Maintenance

You should always inspect your motorbike before hopping on and riding away. Doing this helps you spot potential problems early, significantly reducing the chances of accidents caused by mechanical failures. It’s also worth mentioning that a well-maintained bike helps to ensure you get to enjoy a smooth ride every time.

It’s not every time you’ll have the time to do a detailed inspection of your bike, so keeping an eye out for the essentials works pretty well. Always check the brakes, tire pressure, oil and fuel levels, and lights. For a more detailed inspection, you should call a professional mechanic.

Tip 3: Adhere To Traffic Rules

This is another motorcycle riding tip that seems pretty basic but can go a long way. According to Forbes, over 30% of motorcycle accidents involve non-adherence to traffic laws. This includes rules like speed control, not driving under the influence of alcohol, and inattentiveness. 

  • So when you’re out on your bike, make sure to follow traffic rules like:
  • Respecting the right of road of other users, including pedestrians
  • Using your turn signals
  • Paying attention to speed limits to avoid riding too fast
  • Halting at red lights, and so on.

Some people believe that doing all of this is “uncool,” but evidence shows that these practices actually increase your chances of safe bike riding every time.

Tip 4: Invest In Reflective Gear and Stickers

This isn’t a tip you’ll hear people say commonly, but it’s actually a pretty effective one. Many bike accidents happen because other motorists can’t see the approaching bike properly. This is where reflective riding gear and stickers come in.

These apparatuses help to greatly boost your visibility on the road both during the day and at night. This, in turn, reduces the chances that others driving won’t see you. Wearing bright clothing will also further contribute to improving your visibility.

Tip 5: Defensive Riding

Have you been riding bikes for a while? If you have, then you’ll no doubt have experienced the enjoyable feeling of freedom that comes with high-speed riding. However, while it’s all too easy to lose yourself in the riding experience, you also have to pay attention to your surroundings. This is known as defensive riding.

Defensive riding involves having a proactive approach to riding on the road. This could include being aware of potential environmental hazards and keeping safe distances from other vehicles. This is especially important if you’re using Google Maps to navigate while riding. Defensive riding could also include always making sure there’s an escape route open in case of an emergency.


There’s nothing wrong with having fun while riding your bike. However, proper safety practices help you ensure you can continue riding. Employing the above tips will help you ensure your bike rides are always the perfect balance of safety and fun. Remember, safety while riding begins with you.

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