When To Replace Your Glass Shower Doors

Physical damage like worn-out tracks and frames can make it difficult to operate glass shower doors, prompting their replacement. Consider replacing a glass shower door that produces noise while you open or close it to help make your home more quiet and comfortable. Here is more detailed information on when to replace your shower doors:

Your Door Is Old

An old glass shower door can cause your bathroom to appear outdated and feel less relaxing. Upgrading to a modern door style can make your entire bathroom area more appealing. Your bathroom can also feel larger and more comfortable. Replacing an outdated glass shower door can also increase your home’s resale value.

You Notice Shower Leaks

Warping can cause your glass shower door to become loose, contributing to shower water leakage. Shower water can also leak because of cracked door edges. Thin or worn-out gaskets or seals can cause glass panels to develop gaps that could cause shower leaks. Replacing your door after noticing these issues can protect your floor from water damage. 

You See Rust

Metallic glass shower door components like frames and hinges can quickly develop rust, reducing their durability. A corroded frame might not adequately support your glass shower door’s weight, increasing the risk of falling. Rusted components can also make your glass shower door look less appealing. Frameless glass shower doors can be a suitable replacement because of their aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, and durability. Consider frameless options if you want a modern, stylish glass shower door.

Your Door Accumulates Buildup

A gradual accumulation of mold and dirt can build up on your glass shower door because of moisture. Soap scum can also gradually discolor your glass shower door. Removing excess mold, dirt, or soap scum from your door can be a time-consuming process. Replace your dirty shower door to enjoy clear and clean glass.

Your Door Has Cracks or Chips

Cracks on your glass shower door can enlarge with time, causing it to collapse and shatter. Excessive chips and cracks can also be unsightly in your bathroom. Trying to repair your cracked or chipped door by yourself can cause more damage or bodily injuries. An expert can replace your cracked glass shower door quickly and efficiently. 

Your Door Is Sagging

Sagging can happen because of loose glass shower door hinges. A misaligned frame can also cause the door to sag. Adding extra weight to the door by hanging items like bath mats or wet towels over it can also cause gradual sagging. A sagging glass shower door may eventually collapse, leading to further damage. Replace the sagging glass before the minor issue becomes a major one.

Replace Your Glass Shower Doors Today

Replacing your glass shower doors can cause your bathroom to feel more inviting and relaxing. Cracks, stains, rust, and outdated styles can be signs you should replace your door. You can choose various glass options like inline, hinged, pivot, or sliding doors. Contact a glass replacement professional today to learn more about your options and pricing.

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