My Friends Still Remember the Special Mutton Paya Soup I Served in a Lunch I had Hosted

 I was never known for my cooking skills but the few things I knew how to cook, does impress most of my friends. 

I am more into soups and steamed food rather than the thick and greasy curry preparations which is not what many people in the country prefer. 

However, this particular lunch was for three of my college friends who are settled in three different continents. 

mutton paya home

I decided to order mutton paya home delivery thane as soon as it was decided all four of us are going to meet at my place here in Thane. 

All four of us loved it when we tried it for the first time at a waterfront restaurant in Mumbai that specialized in mutton paya soup.  

It was a special occasion as it was the 15th anniversary of our graduation from the engineering college where we studied together. 

We were in the same class, where we sat beside each other, two of us apiece and shared the same room. That was how the hostel accommodation was organized at our college. 

We all wanted to make this occasion memorable as we are going to be together in one place after 15 years. That's a very long time for friends as close as we were. 

online chicken delivery

I looked for online chicken delivery Thane as I wanted the main course to be a good old spicy and steamy chicken curry cooked at home. 

A quartet of close friends getting together after 15 years 

Our little quartet comprised of Brajesh, who's now based in Toronto, Canada, Rupinder, in Stuttgart, Germany, Anand in Melbourne, Australia and I here in Thane. 

So, four close friends in four different continents were now about to catch up for old times’ sake after 15 long years of emails and social media connection. 

Most folks forget their college friends once they graduate and start pursuing their careers but not us. All four of us live in four different continents and are as close to each other as we were at the engineering college. 

Through all these years of continuous correspondence we learnt that each one of us still remember the mutton paya soup in that waterfront restaurant in Mumbai. 

Keeping that in mind I ordered mutton paya home delivery as we didn’t want to spend 3-4 hours going to that wonderful waterfront restaurant.  

This particular get-together would involve just the four of us and not our families and we wanted to make the best use of all the time we had. There was no better way to do it than to cook the paya at home and catch up on the good old times in the comfort of my house. 

We looked forward to cooking the nostalgic lunch at home

We had handled much bigger challenges as a team at the engineering college and we looked forward to handling this little challenge of cooking a great mutton paya soup and follow it up with a wholesome chicken dish. 

Brajesh was from Mumbai and it helped that he was able to make it to my home much earlier than the others. 

Anand is from Bengaluru and he took the early morning flight to join the rendezvous. Rupinder was from Gwalior and he was visiting his sister in Surat; he simply took the early morning train to Mumbai. 

By 11.30 AM all four of us were together, and it was such a special moment for us…after 15 long years! When the fun and frolic of the initial half an hour or so was over, we got down to the serious business of cooking.  

Of course the mutton paya soup was going to be the all-important starter that we enjoyed so much back in our college days. Aside from the taste and uniqueness of the soup it allowed us sit in that waterfront for a long time and chat.  

I had ordered mutton paya home delivery from a reliable online meat store in Thane and they delivered it in minutes. I had all the ingredients in place and the soup was soon ready. 

We had one of the best and most nostalgic of times

There was a lot to talk about and we were shifting from one topic to another quite randomly. It was just like the old days and at times we enjoyed it even more than we did back in those days. 

Interestingly, our arguments have literally vanished from our chat now as compared to the tussles in our college days. It could be that we are older and wiser now and have become good listeners. 

Each one of us were amused to see the other listening patiently and easing out of argumentative situations by using our evolved sense of humour.  

Overall, the food tasted great and both the mutton paya soup and the steamy chicken curry made it a memorable reunion of old college friends.

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