How to Create a Custom Planner or Journal for Sale

 A fantastic way to generate money while working from home is to design planners or journals. You don't have to choose between doing what you love and getting money to support yourself if you work for yourself and establish your own hours. The fact that there are a plethora of options to create personalized planners in bulkpersonalized planners in bulk is without a doubt one of the most appealing aspects of the industry. 

Create a Custom Planner or Journal for Sale

You will learn how to start creating planners by reading the following blog article, which will provide you with advice on where to find resources that will help you get started designing planners.

Is it possible for you to earn a living doing this?

If you build a digital planner, then it will be a planner that the user can only access via a digital device, such as an iPad, tablet, phone, or computer. They use their electronic gadgets to create "stickers," write, and engage in a wide variety of other entertaining activities. At no point in time is there a physical product available.

However, printable wholesale custom planners are intended to be printed out at some time in the future. Not because of you. But according to your client. This makes it very simple to produce a single design and sell several copies of it. See the reasons why this is such a fantastic approach to running a company below!

Why are these products a good way to bring in some extra cash?

Planners and journals are perennial, or they have the potential to be perennial, depending on whether or not updated extension packages and undated/customizable alternatives are created for them. Making something for the digital or printed market is a great idea since it has the potential to turn into a pretty passive source of income. This is because it follows the MAKE ONE, and sells MANY business models, which requires substantially less effort than the MAKE ONE, SELL ONE approach. Giving out custom planners in bulk serves this point very well!

Let's talk about the how!


The first step in making a plan is settling on a certain market or focus. Because of this, you will have to find ways to include this consideration in your designs and plans when appropriate.

Take the case of someone who wants to create a gardening planner. You need to make sure that you can offer future versions of your planner, including extensions (planner add-ons), newer editions, and a larger planner design. One planner is probably not going to be enough for the market. The number of people you can reach, however, increases dramatically if you create numerous variations of that certain niche/topic planner.

So, the first step towards creating and distributing wholesale personalized diaries is to zero in on a certain area of interest or focus.


Color, typeface, graphics/icons, borders around widgets (or lack thereof), line thickness (dotted vs. solid), writing style (script vs. block), backdrop (or lack thereof), and so on are all examples of styles.

Having both a minimalist and a decorated version of your plans available is a great way to appeal to different tastes. With this approach, you may appeal to a wider audience, including those who might be interested in your planner concept but are turned off by the thought of flowery flowers or too basic a design.


Begin with baby steps until you find your footing. After you've designed a few pages, adding more is a breeze, and you'll be able to crank them out quickly and with no effort. Moreover, you can reach out to the best custom gift supplier to look into the best designs.


Now that you've decided to produce and sell personalized planners in bulk, it's time to begin plotting out the contents of those planners. Depending on the focus of your planning, the number of possible elements is almost limitless. The uniqueness is in how you put them together.


Be careful to provide many potential solutions to a problem. This time, let's use the gardening planner as an example. A weekly dashboard may be included in the horizontal layout to help the user keep track of when they should plant and water. Alternately, you may have a daily vertical and include habit indicators for debugging and fertilizing. We predict success for both of those choices. Be sure to provide a variety of formats to accommodate the various preferences of your customers. Customers will appreciate it and purchase more of wholesale custom planners from you as a result.

Now, to sum up!

Before you call it done, be sure it looks the way you envisioned it. In other words, let loose and enjoy yourself. It's possible to accomplish anything, so long as you stick to your original strategy and focus on your intended specialty or subject. The variety of sizes you provide will have a significant effect on your profit margin.

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