10 Easy To Use YouTube Marketing Tools For People Who’re Just Starting Out!

 When it comes to video viewing, YouTube is the go-to place for everyone. It accounts for 60% of all video views on the Internet. 

YouTube Marketing Tools

YouTube is the second most visited website behind Google, with 2 billion unique visitors. You might be persuaded to start a YouTube channel after seeing such a huge portion of viewership. Let us tell you, it's a fantastic idea! We believe in your talent and can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. However, maintaining a YouTube channel is equally crucial if you want to get the most out of them. You’ll need some really effective YouTube marketing tools to promote your business on YouTube. 

You’re all aware that YouTube marketing necessitates a significant amount of effort on your behalf. Don’t allow your hard work and efforts to go to waste. Take advantage of the greatest YouTube marketing tools instead. These include YouTube scheduling tools, thumbnail design tools, YouTube description maker, and many more. They will assist you in attracting viewers, expanding your subscribers, and distinguishing you from your competition. So, let’s get the party started: 

10 Exceptionally Effective YouTube Marketing Tools

You may raise your marketing game and generate huge traffic by using the correct marketing tools. We’ve gathered some useful YouTube marketing tools to assist you. These can be used to create high-quality These can be used to create high-quality content and market your brand. So, let's get started:

1. Social Blade

One of our most well-known YouTube marketing and channel management tools is Social Blade. This tool can help you gain a better grasp of user growth and trends. It contains social media analytics and data, YouTube platform insights, and information on Twitter, Dailymotion, DLive, Facebook, and YouTube interaction. You may do a  competitive study of your YouTube channels using Social Blade to acquire the insights you need to grow. Social Blade can even assist you in determining how much money YouTubers make on the network. 


VidIQ is a simple-to-use YouTube certified tool that can help you get more views, tags, and social media shares from your videos. Competitor analysis, keyword research, trend alerts, a YouTube channel description generator, video statistics comparisons, and a real-time overview of your channel’s analytics are all included. 


TubeBuddy is a Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser plugin with over 60 functions to help you manage your YouTube channel more efficiently. Keyword research, tagging, productivity, analytics, bulk processing, video SEO, and much more are included in TubeBuddy. The comprehensive keyword research, A/B testing, and post scheduling options are all fantastic. All this makes TubeBuddy an amazing tool for automating the tedious processes that come with video production. 


Canva is an excellent YouTube marketing tool that allows you to generate eye-catching YouTube thumbnails. It offers a straightforward user interface, as well as a drag-and-drop design tool and a large number of layouts and themes. 

5.YouTube Creator Academy

As you may have seen, YouTube provides a plethora of free tools to assist you in marketing and managing your YouTube account, as well as increasing traffic to your channel and growing your subscriber base. You’ll learn everything you need to know about promoting and maintaining your YouTube channel at YouTube Creator Academy. You’ll discover how to easily set up your YouTube channel, boost your searchability, even monetise your videos. Video production firms, digital marketing agencies, distributors, and others may fall under this category.

6. 3Play Media

3Play Media can help with captioning, transcription, translations, and subtitling, as well as youtube description maker. Not only is having correct captioning and transcriptions beneficial for accessibility, but it can also help to increase the searchability of your video material by adding them to video descriptions.

7. Live Caster 3

Live Caster 3 can assist you if you’ve ever wanted to go live on YouTube but are terrified of the prospect. You may livecast your pre-recorded material with this marketing and channel management solution. It is an exceptional tool, as live streams are the number one form of personal online interaction today. Whether it is for promoting your brand new products, a conference, or holding an online prayer meeting service, YouTube Live streams are a go-to. This is a game-changer for those of us who have a wonderful idea that would be excellent for a livecast but are shy or tongue-tied in front of the camera. For a little more traffic, you can even livecast your pre-recorded video to Facebook. 

8. Repurpose.io

Repurpose.io is a web application that allows you to repurpose your content across many marketing platforms with ease. It will automatically make video material for your YouTube channel from whatever audio fil you have. You can even include captions to boost accessibility and capture video viewers who do not have their sound turned on. If you’;re already a podcaster and want to effortlessly convert your podcasts to YouTube videos, this is a great tool to use. 


Agorapulse is a social media management platform with a number of useful features for managing your YouTube channel. You can track out trolls and deal with them, as well as interact with your subscribers in real time and keep an eye on your accounts. Agropulse allows you to save YouTube replies that you use frequently so that you can regulate and respond to comments more quickly. 


Tubics gives out keyword ideas, real-time analysis for your content, competitor analysis, YouTube thumbnail, A/B testing, tag suggestions, and much more. It’s simple to set up and includes a user-friendly dashboard. This YouTube SEO tool might assist you in earning more views on YouTube. 


You probably already know that YouTube is a marketer’s preferred platform, with 48% of marketers investing on it. In addition, 70% of marketers believe it is an effective platform for influencer marketing. However, in order to differentiate yourself from your competition, you’ll need to understand these key indicators that might assist you in developing a solid strategy. These YouTube Marketing Tools can help you optimise your channel, expand your audience, and increase views and reach. 

We hope you found this blog to be helpful. We are confident that you will employ the aforementioned YouTube marketing techniques to help your YouTube channel succeed.

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