What Are The Best and Top 10 Free Roku Channels?

 If you are thinking that you cannot watch content on Roku for free, then you are wrong. There are ways through which you will be able to watch free channels on Roku. With Roku streaming, you will be able to watch many free channels.

But how are you going to do them? And what are those free channels? Roku is available to everyone once you sign up. You are going to come across the channels that will be available to you for free.

You can easily access them once you have installed Roku on your TV or have purchased the device. Today we are going to discuss the top 15 free Roku channels that you can watch on your TV.

 There are a variety of free options available for which you do not have to spend your hard-earned cash in order to get great entertainment. Also, there are free channels and you must be concerned whether they are worth your time or not.

 The list of the channels does not stop. There are some channels like HBO max that are also streaming on Roku.


Free Roku Channels

Let us now have a look at the Top 10 free Roku Channels:

Tubi Tv:

Tubi TV is among the best free Roku Channels available for your device. Tubi TV has a massive library of at least 7400 tv shows and movies are available for free streaming. This network is ad-supported and you’re not going to have original content.

 There is going to be a vast library of movies and TV series. There is a huge collection for anime fans in particular. You are going to find something for everyone. There are many services that are featuring direct video to video films and old TV-shows.

 There are also going to award-winning films and TV-series that you can watch.

The Hidden Roku Channel:

You can also start with the Roku channel which is not just available for the Roku owners but for the users who sign up for the free account. You need to access the Roku channel from your device or the Roku website from your mobile or computer device. There are Roku Hidden Channels that are going to be great for you for free.

There is a live TV channel guide that is now available on the Roku home screen. Also, Roku has now just released the standalone Roku channel mobile app for where you are required to go. Make sure that your internet speed is fast enough to browse the channels otherwise you are going to face error code 018 on your Roku device.

It does not matter how you are going to connect, you will be able to watch the content on Roku. You will also be able to watch the TV shows with all the episodes. You are going to discover the news broadcasts, stand-up serials, documentaries that are going to keep you entertained and informed.


TED is going to offer you various talks and demonstrations from all the expert speakers on various topics. You can watch these videos from the people that have inspired you all your life. These videos can be inspiring, funny, persuasive, jaw-dropping, and courageous.

 You can easily search for the name of the speaker that you want to watch. On this channel, you will be able to learn about science, politics, finance, medicine, art, culture, and much more. You are going to learn about various topics as well such as when is the pandemic going to get over.


Have you been searching for a channel where you will be able to listen to your favorite artists? Well, using the Vevo channel you will be able to connect to a wide variety of singers, bands, and performers.

 The home screen is going to offer you tending and recommending videos and you also will be able to listen to all the latest music videos by the artist. With this channel, you will be able to hear all the latest and the hottest video artists.

 You are also going to see the music videos and Vevo is serving up the interviews. You will also be able to see the behind the scenes videos too and the good news if this channel is also available for free.

Popcorn Flix:

When you want to watch an offbeat film or an episode, you need to check out the popcorn flix. This is the channel from which you will be able to watch the movies and the TV shows, which are considered gems. At popcorn flix, we will be offering you the blockbusters such as award-winning cinema, independent films, cult classics as well as binge-worthy shows.

 That is the most accurate description. You are also going to discover various movies such as Charlie Chaplin, foreign films, documentaries, as well as the stand-up comedy specials.


If you are looking for a channel from where you will be able to browse various videos that you’re willing to see. Any new movie trailer either from marvel or a DC movie or any movie, game trailers, is available on YouTube.

 There are over a billion videos on the website, music, movies, blogs, documentaries, and more. With youtube, you will be able to stream never-ending content.

 If there is any latest video that drops on the internet, it is going to get dropped here. There are billions of people who are using YouTube at a time. You can watch various videos and save them to watch later as well.

PBS Kids:

There is valuable content that you can have for your kids. The content on the PBS kids is so remarkable that they will be providing you with the 24*7 feed without any kind of subscription required.

 This free Roku Audio channel is going to provide you safe as well as educational programming which will be updated every Friday. With the live programming, PBS kids are going to offer you on-demand streaming and will guide the parents of an intended age group with the learning goals.

Sling TV:

Sling tv is among the most popular offerings when it will come to live TV streaming services. Then it will allow the Roku users to go into the best of sling TV with the best free TV experience. With this new feature, the sling TV streamers on Roku can tap into free on-demand movies and TV shows.

 There are standalone channels and events and karaoke with a trial version, there are a lot of features that the children are going to love as well.

Cooking Guide TV:

Have you been trying to spice up your life in the kitchen? The cooking guide TV is a channel for the ones who love to eat. There is this cool menu that is going to show recipes, demos, and advice from the chef that you can easily use at home.

It is going to cover a wide range of topics which will be from breakfast to lunch and dinner. These dishes are from around the world that are going to help you discover new things.

Cartoon network:

If you are having a cable subscription, then there is plenty of content that you are going to watch that is for free as well. What you can do in this case is to download the free Roku channel and then unlock the section of the website.

 Here you are going to find that all the episodes that will be available for streaming which is going to include teen titans, Adventure time, regular show, and all your other favorite cartoon network shows.

 It is not going to be a complete package when you are going to stream in on the budget, then it will be enough.

 One bonus for you…


The channel from sony, Crackle, is an ad-supported service that is going to feature various Hollywood blockbusters and an excellent TV series. You can watch the all-time classics such as the karate KId, Talladega nights, and many other shows at your fingertips.

 You will be surprised to see the type of content that is available here. Although, there can be at times when you are going to witness a lot of ads but it is worth the free experience.

In Conclusion:

These are some of the channels that you can watch for free. If you are looking to enjoy Roku for free, then you can have a look at these channels. These channels are going to provide you with endless entertainment.

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