What blurs the difference between failure and success?

Success is a magnet that is attracting the humans from centuries and the thirst for it is getting intense in every era. Everyone has a different definition of success and also different ways to attain the tag of a successful person.
The ultimate thing that is important is the approach towards acceptance of failure. Most of us get hopeless when we fail to do something. Sometimes the pain is so big that nothing positive comes in mind. However, this is where we forget the slight difference between the success and the failure.
Here are a few factors that draw a fine line between the two. Knowing about them can be greatly helpful to stay focused on the right path and avoid distractions.

When you do not keep the positive attitude

The human world has created some parameters to measure the success but the actual concept is bigger in the picture. Success is all about how you see things. You tried to clear an exam but failed. That does not really tag you as an unsuccessful person if you get up and try again. Next time you clear the exam and then realise that the defeat you experienced last time was not the reality. It was just a phase that has passed now and I should keep trying if I ever again face any failure.

Not doing anything new is a big mistake

Monotony gives way to failure. If at your workplace, you are not doing anything new or productive, you cannot expect increments or promotions. Similarly, in every field of life, it is necessary to keep doing new things. From making a new dish at your home to trying a new hairstyle, if novelty is always in priority then why not make it a friend.
Whatever you do, just make sure to add a bit of newness in it. Soon the fruit of success will come to you in its brightest form. Look around, the world is full of opportunities. New ideas get appreciation everywhere and people are eager to try them. Take initiatives, introduce new concepts no matter how suffocating is the atmosphere around you.

Making imaginary schemes with no implementation in reality

The world is of doers. Those who only keep making plans stay behind and other people leave them abandoned on the path of progress. Are you also doing the same? Oh, please stop doing that. It is like creating obstructions. Time passes quite fast. When you wake up with a realisation that the precious moments have gone because you were daydreaming, it hurts.
Make goals, create a strategy, and do the real action to materialise them. You cannot just keep thinking about the rosy image of success. To get it in actuality, you have to work with no other choice left to explore and exploit.

Walking on the path that others suggest is not a good strategy

Our nature of a social creature can cause some bad effects too. It is good to belong to a society or community but that should not dominate your decisions. Friends, family, colleagues, all can express their views about your decisions but you should not follow them precisely. Tomorrow if something goes wrong or even right, you will be the only person to face whatever good or bad comes.
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The above points demand unshakable attention on your goal. They all express to embrace a change in your practices and attitude. If you do that with utmost honesty, success can be your companion for the whole life. Why not try them and see the positive change?

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