What should I do in case of faulty boiler installation?
 You don’t want anyone to come to your home without an experience of installing home appliances. The fact that you allow any random people and company to get control of your boiler, establishes a lifetime mistake. Rather than regretting afterwards, you must check some vital points before proceeding with boiler installation in London. Number 1 thing should be to check if the plumber is listed on the Gas Safe Register.

Installing boiler is a complex task and if anything goes wrong, it could be havoc for the property owner. You must not approve of any plumber who are outside the policies of handling cookers, fires and boilers in a legal way. If you have been the victim of a wrong installation, you have the right to get in touch with:
  • The Consumer Rights Acts 
  • The Supply of Goods and Services Act
Applying for the unsatisfied work by the installer would compel them to re-examine and fix it properly where they have been mistaken. If the work is terrible to be fixed properly, the installer is not given any second chance. You can claim your entire money back!

What if your boiler is the main culprit

There are basically two ways for the installation. Either the boiler installation and the services are provided alone or it may be as a part of a package with the boiler itself. 

In case of a defect boiler, you can claim for a total refund. You can also replace the item with no extra bucks. The first thing you need to do is to ask the installer to come to your property and get the boiler fixed in a proper way. But I would suggest not to take any risk if the installer is not a gas safe engineered. You can not trust a person who is himself not aware of what he is doing. You must not be casual with your gas appliances. Start searching from local boiler installation services in London and have a quick guide on their policies and testimonials. 

Repair your boiler

There’s nothing in crying over the faulty installation. You have to be quick enough to find a proper solution for it. Get in touch with a registered engineer to repair your boiler. While you wait for the gas safe engineered to arrive in your home, you must take necessary precautions to ensure that nothing can cause you severe harm. Shut off the electric and gas supply. If the gas leaks from the boiler, it has the capacity to catch fire in a very bad way. Also you can ask the professional to check the other gas appliances as they might be unsafe. 

Check for the gas safe engineered

When it comes to handling anything that is related to gas appliances, you must not allow anyone who is unregistered and has very little knowledge on what he is doing. It could be heavily dangerous!

If the gas appliances are faulty, it could explode and will result in further leakage of carbon monoxide which is a lethal gas to human beings. If you have realized it later on that the person who has installed the boiler in your home wasn’t a gas safe engineered, you are free to report it on the gas safe website. Don’t try to fix anything related to gas appliances as it is illegal and totally unsafe. You could make the situation worse than it was. 

In order to avoid falling into such traps, you must check the company before calling for installation. Professionalism matters! A company’s expert depends on their professional expertise. A lot of plumbing companies have workers who were ‘time served’ which mean they have mastered over their work based by practising. You can ask the company if they have a City & Guild in plumbing and domestic heating or a relevant NVQ. you will find these qualifications in 4D Heating and Plumbing which will ensure that they have engineers that have got the mastery in the heating system and can be very well trusted. 

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