Wearable Devices: What Do They Aim At?

Wearable device is smart technology worn by people that helps regulate their health with the help of powerful sensors that collect and deliver information about surroundings. Wearable technology has demonstrated major benefits in the healthcare industry. After smartphones, wearable devices have been the biggest breakthrough in technology. These devices rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to collect biofeedback of users.

Such devices have gained eminence recently. The common example is wristwatches such as the Apple iWatch and Fitbit. The healthcare industry is making great investment in this technology as it has the potential to save lives of millions of patients. The early detection of problems makes the treatment faster and more successful. Here are the different types of wearable devices performing different roles. 


Apple, Samsungs, Google and other firms are competition each other for smartwatches. Smartwatches are wearable tiny wrist computers that provide more features besides timekeeping. These watches can get notifications such as calendar reminders, emails, and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other apps. They can also show incoming calls if connected with your smartphones, which means you do not need to get your phone from your pocket. As any call appears, you can answer using your Bluetooth. Along with smart features such as notifications, reminders and navigation, these watches are also associated with health-related benefits.

These watches can measure the quality of your sleep. They can monitor your heart rate. It can give your accurate results by using artificial intelligence every time whether you are sleeping or you are jogging. It can alert you when your heart pounds abnormally. The early detection of abnormal heart rates can prevent you from cardiac arrest. Some smartwatches come with electrocardiogram feature. It gives you more accurate heart rate and data to detect possible heart-related problems. In addition to heart-related problems, these smartwatches can also help you with blood pressure and calories.


Fitbit is the most popular tracker that helps you become more active, eat nutritious diet and sleep better, but these trackers have accepted advanced technology. You will be surprised to know that these popular bands can help doctors predict how patients are likely to react to chemotherapy. Doctors say that they can get an objective metric of patient performance by using this technology.  According to cancer researchers, these fitness trackers have potential to measure the quality of life of patients.

In a trial, researchers found that these fitbit trackers reduce the risk of unexpected adverse events, ER visits and hospitalisation. It is a great achievement that the simple technology has a great impact on the quality of life. The survival rate among chemo patients is likely to be higher with the use of this technology.

Cancer researchers are trying to find out whether fitness trackers like fitbit can actually introduce the possibility of improving quality of life among cancer patients. Experts are trying to be able to monitor the level of physical activity in real time down the road.

Smart jewellery

Nowadays the role of jewellery does not need to be limited to just enhancing your resplendence. Smart jewellery is a combination of fashion and latest innovation in tech. from smart rings to bracelets, each smart jewellery piece can play a major role in improving your life. At the moment, most common pieces of smart jewellery are bracelets, rings, necklaces and brooches.

A smart necklace can help you choose urgent contacts and create a private life. In other words, it is the best technology to spread alert to reach for the safety. Smart rings work as a smartwatch. It receives notifications of incomings calls, emails and other apps. This also help you monitor your health issues. Smart bracelets can be used for monitoring stress level, meditation, activity tracking, and tracking heart rate.

The bottom line

Wearable devices are getting popular and their trend will continue to rise. These devices have attained eminence because they contribute a very big role to maintain the health of people. From monitoring the stress level to regulating heartbeat, many people have begun to invest in these devices. Whether you buy a piece of smart jewellery or a smart watch, they can help you maintain your health. If you do not have enough money, you can take out unsecured personal loans in Ireland .

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