How to Take Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed
Losing a job can be really stressful for anyone going through it. This is the phase of life that indicates how cruel life can get. At one point, you are having a gala time, enjoying your favorite meal with your friends and families. And at the other, you are totally surrounded by financial constraints with no solution in mind to recover from the issue. Unemployment affects the person both emotionally and financially as well. 

And the worst part is that getting financial assistance during the time when you need it the most becomes really difficult. However, this doesn’t mean the door to get funds during such time when you need immediate funds is not possible. There are certain options which we will be discussing in the blog. Some of them are quite popular while some are not so famous among the mass. The best thing about these funds is that the approval rate is very high and you will be guaranteed that you will get the funds, no matter what your situation is.  Now, let us get started with the guaranteed loans for unemployed options available. 


Search for payday loans offers

The first option in our list is payday loans that are highly popular in the lending industry guaranteed approval and fast disbursal. Yes, there are some who repel these loan products as they fear the high interest and other risk factors. Well, every loan comes with risks and some have a high degree of risk while some have lower. At the end of the day, you have to make the repayment no matter what loan you apply. Now coming back to the payday loans, these are basically urgent that come with high interest. Also, you will make the repayment on your next salary day, failing to which you might have to make an additional payment.

Doorstep loans can be your savior

Unemployment is nothing less than facing a financial crisis. All your income can decline rapidly considering the fact that there is so much to spend in your daily life. Now, if you are too in a similar situation, you can simply go with the option of doorstep loans. What makes this loan so useful is that you will receive the requested amount at your door by the lender agent. There is nothing that you have to provide in terms of collateral and you can get the fund without getting your credit checked. After the payment is done, the agent will come every month or week (whatever repayment schedule you have fixed) to collect directly from your home. This is an ideal option of guaranteed loans available that you can go with. 

Test loans, funds with complete approval

Now, if you are struggling to meet your daily needs and to manage your interview expenses, then you can go with test loans. There are the loan options that you can go with if you need urgent funds during any emergency. In such loans, you will have to apply for the loan directly via text message where you will have to provide your basic details like name, account number, address, and others. The amount can be extremely useful during the time of financial need like this. 

Bad credit loans could be an alternate option 

If you have ever applied for the loan, then you must know that credit score is one of the first things that most lenders take into consideration. However, there are lenders who offer funds even with bad credit. So, if you don’t have any permanent job for now but you are struggling to get funds, then you can apply for the bad credit loans. You can get it even if you are jobless but the lender might see other financial aspects. You can get the approval even if you are doing any side hustle where you will have to provide the bank statement for the proof. 

Secured loans to get bigger funds
The last option in our list is secured loans that are basically bigger funds. Here, you have to provide collateral that could be any of your valuable assets like car, home or any expensive items. You can apply for this loan even if you are unemployed as the lender will be mostly concerned about the security that you will provide to secure the loan. So, you will have to ensure that you clear the debt because the lender might use the collateral legally to get the cash by selling the property that you have provided in the security. 

Wrapping up, these were the loan options that are available for the unemployed people. Whichever option you are going with, make sure that you do complete research before applying and consider the risk factors as well.

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