The Modern Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Technology has greatly influenced how we live today ‒ from the way people communicate, purchase, travel and earn to the way people build and design their homes. With the powerful influence that constantly develops, there is no doubt that we are already living in the future. But do you have a picture in mind of what a future looks like? Well, the future is like a story of a radical vision that compares to the reality of today. This means that the future is a completely updated version of the present time.     

By the next four months, it’ll be a whole new year once more, which technically means that tons of fresh looks and brand-new crops of modern interior design are coming up. And if you are one of those homeowners whose interest is to follow whatever it is that’s trendy and never wanted to be left behind or live in the past, here’s a sneak peek of the interior design ideas that you have to look forward to this 2020.

“Living Smart” Interior Design

Let’s start with living smart. 

Living in a smart home where almost everything is controlled by data is simply dedicated to the connection between technology and daily household chores. What you’ll see in the future is like a diagram that presents the evolution from the previous modernist object of a “home as a machine” to the coexisting visions of “a smart home”. Both preceding and up-to-date bottom lines illustrate the desire of making the home more efficient as well as making the residents’ lives easier. 

“Living with Less” Interior Design

Project home builders would testify that the preference of living small is another significant change in the future interior design, compressing different home functionalities into an item of single furniture and resulting to low-cost home design projects. The idea of micro-living is derived from urbanization and growth in population that have resulted in housing shortages within the city and even some parts of the rural areas. A common floor plan depicts an integrated living space where the kitchen and sitting area are tied closely to one another, allowing people to socialize while preparing food. With these futuristic anticipations, there is no doubt that the Ikea trend will continue to prevail in the next coming years, considering the success of micro-apartments in Hong Kong, NYC, and other large cities.   

“Green Living” Interior Design

Another exciting trend to watch out for in 2020 is the greener living that will guarantee an exquisite style without causing any harm to nature. Creative ideas for indoor plant designs will continue to furnish and beautify homes, considering comfort and relaxation are some important factors people need in their daily living. Plus, we are already seeing some interesting and creative details of “reuse-reduce-recycle” approach that is applied in modern living room ideas. This features the recycling of electronic components and auto-technologies, aiming to save the waters and the environment from excessive plastic wastes.   

“Living in the Colour of the Year” Interior Design

Most designers would often decorate in accordance with the colour of the year as an indicator of success and lucky charm. 2020 is about to feature bleached coral, a light greyish-blue shade that is opposed to bright, dazzling blues. This means that the 2020’s theme aims a very calm and relaxing home. The fun twist is that this colour can be very versatile when it comes to blending with different hues such as pink, purple, white, grey, and a touch of bright yellow.  

Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a home design enthusiast. She loves flippin’ pages of decorating magazines and catalogues where she can find interesting home decor ideas that she often writes about. She’s a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, the most trusted home builder in Sydney, Australia. 

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