Tips for Boarding Your Dog When Going On Vacation
Dog When Going On Vacation

Going on vacation is an enjoyable experience, but if you're a dog owner, it can also come with a certain measure of anxiety. When you're away, one of the optimal strategies for dog care is to board them at a reliable kennel or pet hotel. Here are tips you can use when choosing a dog overnight boarding facility:

Visit the Pet Facility in Advance

A pre-visit allows you to assess the environment your pet may be staying in, confirming it is clean, safe, and well-maintained. You can observe how the staff interacts with the animals. From your observation gauge their professionalism, and see if they provide adequate care and attention. The visit gives you an opportunity to ask questions about daily routines, emergency protocols, and any other concerns you might have. A trial stay could also be beneficial to see how your dog adjusts to the new surroundings. This step can provide confirmation that your pet will be in good hands while you're away.

Pack Comfort Items

Familiar objects and scents can help ease your pet's transition and reduce anxiety in a new environment. Items that carry your scent, like a worn T-shirt or blanket, can provide reassurance and a sense of security to your dog. Rather than introducing new toys or blankets, stick to your dog's favorite ones. By packing these comfort items, you can help your dog feel at home in the dog overnight boarding facility.

Update Vaccinations

Most boarding facilities necessitate proof of up-to-date vaccinations before they accept your pet. Commonly required vaccines include rabies and distemper combo, amongst others. Get your dog vaccinated at least a week to two weeks before their boarding stay. This time frame allows for the vaccines to take effect and prevents your dog from potentially falling ill during their stay. An updated record from your vet may be required.

Communicate Dietary Needs

Each dog has unique dietary requirements, which may include specific foods, feeding times, portion sizes, or supplements. Some dogs may need special diets due to allergies, age, or health conditions. Pack enough of your dog's regular food to last their entire stay. Changes in diet may lead to digestive issues. If your pet is on supplements or needs particular treats, include them too. Inform the facility about any food-related behaviors your dog may have, like slow eating or food aggression.

Provide Emergency Contact Information

Contact information is indispensable in case any unexpected situations arise during your absence. Provide the facility with multiple contacts who can be reached if you're not immediately available. Emergency contacts should include your vet's details and a trusted person. These people can make decisions on your behalf if you can't be reached. This person should be familiar with your dog and their needs and ideally live nearby.

Seek Quality Dog Overnight Boarding Facilities

Boarding your dog doesn't have to be a stressful experience. With careful preparation and the right facility, your dog can have a safe and comfortable stay while you enjoy your vacation. Dog overnight boarding confirms that your dog is cared for in a safe, controlled environment with professional staff who can attend to their needs around the clock. Start your search for reliable boarding facilities near you.

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