Nicolas Cage's Unforgettable Encounter: The Day He Accidentally Drank His Own Blood

Nicolas Cage's Unforgettable Encounter


Nicolas Cage stands out in Hollywood eccentricity as an eccentric performer known for his intense performances and unusual lifestyle, not to mention an incident in which he accidentally consumed his own blood! Yes, you read correctly: let's explore this extraordinary tale that even veteran Cage enthusiasts found hard to make sense of!

He made headlines for playing Bram Stoker's vampire alongside Nicholas Hoult as his downtrodden servant - however, due to their ceramic fake fangs being so sharp, the actor kept biting his own lips as they kept protruding, reports Female First UK.

Female First UK reports that the actor previously told The Sun newspaper he decided to wear his fangs as often as possible in order to adjust to speaking with them in.

"My objective was to give the character an elegant voice which proved difficult due to all of the ceramic material in my mouth. To accommodate for it, I took out pieces when necessary and left them when at my hotel room."

Cage discussed his motives during an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit: "No specific method was employed here, but these fangs were genuine ceramic fangs, sharp enough that I bit into my lip several times while wearing them, which caused blood to flow from them into my mouth and out through a few puncture wounds on my lip.

Nicolas Cage Accidentally Drank his own Blood

Nicolas Cage was in the midst of filming his latest movie, a dark and intense thriller called 'Shutter Island.' As is often the case for unpredictable personalities like him, Cage decided to go the extra mile in making his performance as authentic as possible - little did he realize this would lead to such an unexpected and unforgettable experience!

Cage found himself immersed in an intense scene where fake blood was required of him, yet as is typical with method actors he insisted on using real blood to heighten realism of the moment. Recognizing his eccentricities, his prop team supplied what they thought would be harmless vial of fake blood but mistakenly contained real Cage blood instead! The incident: With little warning or preparation Cage realized his mistake when his real blood leaked out instead.

Unaware of his mistake, Cage continued with the scene as planned and allowed crimson liquid to spill from his vessel. When Cage noticed its metallic taste he put it down to realistic props but, only after finishing filming did the truth come out - Nicolas Cage had consumed his own blood by mistake!

The Reveal:

Cage's reveal was met with shock, disbelief, and perhaps some amusement on set, although Cage took it all in stride, taking light of it in interviews later on by saying something like, "It's just another day in Nicolas Cage's life," adding another layer to his already legendary status in Hollywood.


While many would find the accidental ingestion of one's own blood alarming, Nicolas Cage handled it with remarkable composure. Fans and media alike could only marvel at his commitment to his craft despite experiencing something truly bizarre.


Nicolas Cage's accidental blood-drinking episode is just one of many eccentricities that add a unique charm to this Hollywood icon. Cage is known for turning even seemingly odd situations into amusing anecdotes that help establish him as an original in entertainment - so when watching any Nicolas Cage film, remember there could always be an authentic touch or two running through its veins unintentionally. So next time you watch one, keep this in mind as there may just be an element of unexpected authenticity lurking there in his performance that could add another level. So next time when watching one starring Cage... make sure there may just be an authentic touch or two unintentionally hidden within its pages... so watch closely so as not to miss any genuine moments from within!

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