6 Styles of Photography Used by Wedding Photographers

A wedding is a memorable day in a couple’s relationship, and capturing the day requires technical and artistic skills. Every photographer has a style they use to capture the moments of a wedding day, and a wedding photographer's style caters to their client’s personality and preferences. Here are some popular photography styles used by wedding photographers:

1. Classic Photography

Classic photography is characterized by carefully arranged group and formal posed photos captured at eye level. The wedding photographer directs the subjects, taking pictures where everyone looks their best. Most wedding photographers incorporate classic photography into their style for formal pictures you can frame. Classic photos never go out of style, so you get timeless wedding photos. 

2. Photojournalistic Photography

Photojournalistic photography usually aims to capture the wedding day as it unfolds. Photographers who use this style observe and capture candid moments without intervention. The emphasis is on storytelling, as these photographers attempt to create a narrative through their images. Although nothing is staged, photographers choose angles and backgrounds that make the subjects the center of focus. The resulting photographs are often raw and emotional, reflecting genuine moments of joy, tears, and laughter. 

3. Fine Art Photography

Fine art wedding photography takes a creative and artistic approach to capturing photos. This style uses unique angles and lighting techniques to produce bright, airy photographs. Fine art photography is ideal for capturing the romance of a wedding. Fine art wedding photos are often dreamy and ethereal, making them popular among couples who want a romantic wedding album. 

4. Editorial Photography

Editorial wedding photos are characterized by their polished look that resembles a magazine cover. This wedding photography style emphasizes aesthetics, style, and posing. Photographers who use this style work with the couple, instructing them on poses to create visually striking images. The photographer may also experiment with lighting and manipulate the photo composition to create an editorial look. Editorial photography is ideal for couples who want wedding pictures with an element of luxury.  

5. Vintage Photography

Vintage-style wedding pictures have a warm, nostalgic aesthetic. Photographers in this style use editing techniques that make pictures resemble earlier eras. During editing, your photographer may add graininess and heighten darker brown tones to create a vintage look. Some photographers use film cameras to create authentic vintage photographs. 

6. Aerial Photography

With the advent of drone technology, wedding photographers have embraced aerial photography to capture bird's-eye views of wedding venues. A wedding photographer may also climb on a ladder or go to the second floor of your venue to capture an aerial picture. Aerial photography is ideal for capturing ceremony exits and outdoor receptions. This type of photography requires extra equipment. If you are considering aerial pictures, inform your photographer beforehand so they can bring what they need. 

Hire the Best Wedding Photographers 

The best wedding photography style depends on a couple's personality and artistic preferences. Most wedding photographers blend elements of different styles to create a unique and personalized experience for their clients. While photographers exercise their creativity, choose a wedding photographer that prioritizes your vision for your wedding pictures. 

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