A Look at the History of Washington: From the Birth of a State to Present Day

 Washington State is one of the jewels of the nation and the Pacific Northwest. It's also one of the wealthiest states, rich in history and boasting a diverse and progressive culture.

Washington State

The success story of present-day Washington State stems from a series of events and people who shaped its identity.

But how did the state come to be?

The story of Washington is the story of the United States, starting with indigenous peoples, European explorers, pioneer settlers, and admission to the Union.

A closer look will show you a fascinating history, and that's the journey this post takes you on.

European Exploration

Various Native American tribes, like the Chinook and Okanogan, inhabited the Pacific Northwest long before European explorers arrived. The region remained pretty much untouched by foreigners until 1774, when the Spaniard Juan PĂ©rez landed on what is now the Washington Coast.

But it wasn't until Captain Bruno De Heceta anchored a year later that European exploration started in earnest.

In the following years, British explorers like Captains James Cook, Charles William Barkley, and George Vancouver made much progress in their explorations. Vancouver spent two years until 1794 mapping the entire coast of Washington.

American influence in the region began with the arrival of Captain Robert Gray, who discovered and named the Columbia River. The Corps of Discovery Expedition under President Thomas Jefferson also arrived in the region in 1805, eventually leading to the arrival of American settlers in the 1830s.

The Road to Statehood

In the early 1800s, American and Spanish disputes resulted in Spain ceding to the United States, leaving Britain as the primary contender for the territory.

The following decades were turbulent, resulting in events like the British-American War of 1812, the Oregon Country Agreement, and the Oregon Treaty of 1846, which gave the United States control of the Washington Territory.

The continuous arrival of American settlers in the Washington Territory resulted in rapid growth driven by the fur and lumber industries. By the late 1800s, railroad construction was taking place, further opening up the region.

Oregon becoming a state in 1859 marked the journey to statehood for Washington Territory, which became the 42nd state on November 11, 1889.

Economic Growth

The new state of Washington witnessed rapid economic growth throughout the 20th century, triggered by the Yukon Gold Rush and, later, the lucrative timber, apple, and wheat industries. Seattle emerged as an important port city for the Pacific Northwest.

Technological growth in the 1900s sparked a time of technological transformation that would shape the future of Washington. The state saw the emergence of companies like United Parcel Service in Seattle and the legendary aerospace giant Boeing Company.

Cultural and Social Movements

The 1900s was an age of social and cultural movements that shaped the cultural scene of present-day Washington State. One of these progressive forces of the time which changed social norms was the women's club movement.

The movement championed female leadership in politics and business in the region, resulting in the election of Bertha Knight Landes as Seattle's mayor and the first female mayor of a big city in 1926.

Seattle was particularly a major center of cultural diversity and social movements throughout the 60s and 70s. It became a popular destination in the US with a vibrant music and arts scene.

Present Day Washington State

Washington State today has one of the best economies with the second-highest minimum wage. Besides being a tech and commercial hub, it's also a leader in agriculture and tourism.

As a socially and culturally progressive state, Washington is receptive to contemporary issues. It became one of the first states to legalize cannabis, having legalized marijuana for medicinal use in 1998 and recreational use in 2012.

If you're an adult, you can legally buy and use recreational marijuana in the state. Medical marijuana patients, however, will need the authorization of a medical marijuana doctor. Veriheal can help with that.

Final Takeaway

Washington has had a legendary journey, resulting in a rich history and a bright, optimistic future. The state faces many modern challenges other states face, but it also creates measures to address them.

A look at the history of Washington offers a glimpse into the birth of one of the nation's most attractive and progressive states.

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