Why You Should Try Decorating With Glass Tabletops
Glass Tabletops

A glass tabletop can complement your home's decor, improving the overall interior design. It can make your room look bigger, and it's easier to clean and sanitize. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a glass tabletop replacement:

Ease of Maintenance

There are just a few steps to maintain your glass table top. When cleaning after each meal, wipe off all the food particles first. Then, use a microfiber cloth to clean off any stubborn spots. Once those are gone, you can wash it down with a wet washcloth before drying it off. If your glass tabletop has hard water stains, use regular vinegar or lemon juice to remove them. Using placemats and coasters can help protect the glass from extra spills. 


There are a few ways to customize your glass table top to fit your taste. You can have your glass tabletop's surface or underside painted with your preferred finish. It can be a lighter color to give it a smoky appearance, or you can go with bolder colors. The shade you choose should match your home's interior paint for more elegance. You can also brighten your space by adding your favorite texture to the glass tabletop. If you decide to customize your current glass tabletop, choose a professional for a positive outcome and satisfaction.


When looking for a durable tabletop, choose one made of tempered glass. Tempered glass tabletops resist damage from heat, scratches, or cold. The sturdiness of tempered glass tabletops enhances their resistance to impact from objects. If you have a wood table, a glass protector sheet can reflect UV rays, protecting it from fading. 


Glass tabletops can be cheaper than other options. If something happens to your other glass, a glass tabletop replacement is easier and more cost-effective than having to restain or paint a wooden table. The size, type, and style of the glass tabletop you want can determine their prices. Get quotes from several glass tabletop sellers to find the most affordable option.


A glass tabletop can fit in with any of your home's styles. You can also use a glass tabletop on coffee or side tables to make the design more cohesive. Other options, like an antique trunk or tree stump, can also support your glass tabletop. Color schemes or tint options also make glass tabletop more versatile. 

Appearance of Living Space

The transparent nature of glass tabletops can make your small living space look bigger. Because of the illusion of extra space, you can keep your living room looking less crowded and more relaxing. 

How To Choose a Glass Tabletop

If you have playful kids or a smaller space, consider a tempered glass tabletop to protect your table. Your tabletop's base can determine how thick you need the glass to be. Buy a thick glass sheer if your tabletop doesn't have good support, and vice versa. Other factors to consider can include the glass tabletop's finish, shape, and appeal.

Consider a Glass Tabletop Replacement

A glass tabletop replacement can make your home's interior more inviting and relaxing. Glass tabletops can be durable, affordable, and versatile. Complement your home's d├ęcor with a customized glass tabletop today.

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