Growing Popularity of Mutton Paya for DIY Dishes That Everyone Loves

Mutton Paya

Until about a few years ago, few people knew that sheep and goats' feet make an excellent dish, let alone eat it. Those were the days of the neighbourhood butcher, who would open his shop on selected days when he would be overwhelmed by customers demanding choice parts of the mutton. 

Today, you can buy mutton paya online and expect to get your order delivered at your doorstep within minutes of ordering. Of course, the quality of the mutton paya that you order would depend on which online seller you order from. In the online marketplace, you hardly get to know the seller the way you do at the neighbourhood butcher's shop. 

That means, if you receive poor-quality mutton or chicken from your online seller E MeatStore., you won't even get the chance to tell them about the problem you faced with their product. That's why it is so important for you to find the right online seller who is reliable and can supply good quality products consistently. 

Therefore, if you want to buy chicken online or mutton look for a name that has a reputation for quality and consistency. You might feel inclined to get back to buying from the neighbourhood butcher or visit the main marketplace, enduring the crowd and chaos but it's a question of doing your research right. 

An evening to remember with mutton paya 

A friend and colleague had just got a bonus from the employer and he wanted to use it to renovate his home interiors. At the same time, it would seem pretty awkward if he did not treat his friends and colleagues to a much-anticipated party. 

Doing that in a restaurant would blow away a significant part of the bonus that he planned to use for the renovation of his house. 

As his closest buddy, it was my duty to help him out and accordingly, I suggested that he should simply buy mutton paya online and we will host the party at his house. 

He was really happy and grateful for the idea and spoke to his wife about it. She too was very happy about the plan and looked forward to it. It was decided that the party would be hosted on the coming Saturday and accordingly, all our friends were invited. 

My friend asked me, "Mutton paya is just one course; what about the rest?" I suggested that he also buy chicken online and order the curry cut variety. It now became clear to him that the two main courses would be mutton paya curry and the good old spicy chicken curry. Spicy mutton paya stewed soup would be an excellent starter. This would be accompanied by fluffy nan rotis and steamy egg biryani followed by rabri kulfi for dessert. 

I reached the party venue by 12 Noon on D Day 

I have acquired quite a reputation for my cooking skills especially non-vegetarian dishes. My friend knew that the mutton paya was going to be very difficult to cook without my help. 

He actually wanted me to stay overnight at his house and help him out but I assured him that everything would be just fine even if I reached his house in the afternoon of the occasion. 

I and my wife along with our six-year-old son reached my friend's house by 12 Noon and within an hour's time we got busy with the job at hand. My friend had followed my suggestion to buy mutton paya online and placed the order the day before along with the chicken. 

I and my wife took up the lead role in cooking the signature dishes - mutton paya stewy soup and mutton paya steamy curry. My friend and his wife took over cooking the good old spicy chicken curry. It was great fun as the adults focused on the cooking while our children played around. 

By 5 PM the cooking was over, the nan make-ready was in place, the biryani was ready and so was the rabri kulfi. We showered and then dressed up for the occasion and by 6.30 PM the other friends began arriving with their families. 

The mutton paya soup and curry stole the show 

It was one of the most entertaining and wholesome parties we have had in a long time. For the host it was nothing short of a miracle that he spent barely five percent of his bonus in hosting this wonderful party. 

Everybody was all praise for the mutton paya dishes but the spicy chicken curry also complemented these dishes very well. 

The nans were very well made wherein some of the other ladies chipped in with their expertise with making baking this exclusive roti.  Most of them wanted to know the source of the mutton paya and my friend proudly shared the name of the store on whose app he went to buy mutton paya online. He also promised another party once the house renovation is completed. 

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