Customizing Your Home With Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainable homes aim to increase energy efficiency and conserve the environment through eco-friendly building materials, processes, and practices. Custom home builders can help you achieve your green home goals through sustainable solutions. Here are some of the eco-friendly options for customizing your home:

LED Lighting 

The easiest place to start your green home renovations is by switching to energy-efficient lighting. LED bulbs can be more expensive than incandescent bulbs but last longer and use less energy. LED bulbs can be used for all your lighting needs, including landscape and holiday lighting.

Maximum Insulation 

Proper insulation is one of the most energy-efficient solutions. It helps you avoid setting your thermostat too high or low to account for air leakage. For more sustainability, consider recycled insulation materials such as cellulose and glass mineral wool. Only use GreenGuard Gold-certified insulating products to avoid materials with hazardous chemical emissions.

Energy-efficient Windows

Old windows account for a lot of energy loss in homes. Upgrading to dual or triple-paned windows with adequate sealing reduces energy waste through windows. Although purchasing new windows can be expensive, it saves energy while increasing your home's value. Find custom home builders offering energy-efficient window upgrades to cut energy costs.

Tankless Water Heater 

A regular water heater can use more energy to heat water when it isn't needed. Tankless water heaters are more eco-friendly since they heat water on demand. You save energy, and you'll never run out of hot water.

Solar Panels 

Solar panels generate electricity for your home from the sun's energy. Solar power can reduce or even eliminate your need for electricity bills if the system is large enough to power your home. New home builders can focus on roof positioning to maximize the solar power they get.

Smart Technology

Smart thermostats have been widely adopted due to the convenience they offer. With a smart thermostat, you can schedule your heating and cooling systems to operate at specific times and regulate the temperature remotely. These options allow for maximum energy savings.

Sustainable Construction Materials

Several environmentally friendly construction materials are available, including:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Recycled insulation
  • Eco-wood treatments
  • Eco-paints, made of plant oils and resins

Some of these options are cheaper. Recycled linoleum flooring is far less expensive than wood. Reusing demolition and building materials is another option. It keeps construction waste out of landfills. You can find these materials on the construction site or at salvage yards.

Water-conserving Systems

Rain barrels can be incorporated into your house design to help lower your water bill. Harvested rainwater can be used for plumbing or garden maintenance. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are an additional water-saving system. Low-flow plumbing fixtures, including faucets, toilets, and showers, save money on your water bill by using up to 60% less water than standard fixtures.

Custom Home Builders for Sustainable Homes

Search for custom home builders near you to discuss your options for green building and renovations. Be keen when purchasing eco-friendly products for your home improvements. Look out for certifications from reputable agencies like the Energy Star program, the Environmental Protection Agency, or Green Seal Certified.

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