5 Professional Products Used at a Mining Plant
Mining Plant

Mining plants utilize different products to boost the safety, efficacy, and productivity of their operations. When purchasing your equipment for open-pit or underground tasks, look for companies that manufacture professional-level mining products. From crushers to conveyors, here are five professional products used in mining plants:

1. Crushers

Crushers break larger minerals and rocks into smaller pieces for processing. Mining plants can use jaw crushers with adjustable discharge settings that allow for control over the size of the crushed mineral. Cone crushers feature a bowl ring gear adjust system for precise and efficient adjustments when crushing materials. Gyratory crushers have safety elements, like spider bearings and hydraulic supports, to prevent the crusher from being overloaded. These crushers are ideal for large, high-volume applications and are used in primary crushing stages.

2. Feeders

Feeders are professional-level mining products used for transporting and controlling the flow of bulk materials from one process or location to another. Grizzly feeders feature a vibrating mechanism that generates consistent movement, causing the materials to move along the feeder's trough or pan. High-quality feeders are manufactured using robust materials and heavy-duty components to sustain the impact of bulky and rough materials during mining. The amplitude and frequency of the vibrations can be adjusted, enabling control over the feed rate for uniform performance.

3. Screens

Screens separate and classify different particles or materials based on size and shape. Some screens have multiple decks with varied-sized openings for multi-stage classification and material separation. Vibrating screens allow particles to move and fall through the openings, boosting screening efficiency. Rubber snubber checks help control vibrations, reduce shock, and provide flexibility in the screens' operation. Some screens have a fabricated steel sub-base for stability and reliability during the screening process.

4. Conveyors

Conveyors are material handling equipment used for transporting large mining materials to other locations. Overland conveyors have elevated support structures to withstand obstacles and cross over roads. Belt conveyors feature belts made of rubber, fabric, metal, or a combination of materials to manage long-distance transportation. Truss-type transfer conveyors have an open framework construction, suitable for both horizontal and inclined conveying. Channel transfer conveyors come with an enclosed design to help prevent spillage and protect materials from external elements.

5. Plant Equipment

Additional plant equipment is combined with professional-level mining products, such as crushers, screens, and conveyors, to create the framework for each mining operation. Skidded stationary structures anchor the crushers, screens, and conveyors during mining. Modular structures can be assembled on-site using bolted connections, acting as foundations for other products. On-road portable chassis are moved from site to site, making them suitable for temporary mining operations or projects that require equipment mobility. Mining plants could also use in-pit portable chassis for open-pit mining applications.

Invest in Professional-level Mining Products

Crushers, feeders, conveyors, plant equipment, and screens are professional-level products used in mining plants. You can buy these mining products based on the type of material to be processed and the required size and capacity. Some machines have technology control elements to help monitor the equipment remotely while enhancing timely processing. Contact a professional mining equipment company to develop a customized solution for your material processing needs.

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