Dad and Buried: The Anti Parent Parenting Blog Reviewed

Dad and Buried's Anti Parent parenting blog has been around for over 10 years, earning acclaim from both parents and non-parents. It began as a means to inform parents on various aspects of raising kids, often providing much-needed assistance. The topics range widely, from ways of thwarting addiction and safeguarding children against sexual abuse to keeping families compliant with the law and promoting harmony within them. The blog also shines a spotlight on other serious yet unexamined childhood issues.

Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

Dad and Buried

Welcome to Dad and Buried, the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog! Here at Dad and Buried, we believe in debunking all those rose-tinted glasses that society often puts on parenting. We're not afraid to say it like it is: being a parent can be tough, frustrating, and downright exhausting. 

But hey, that doesn't mean we don't love our kids! In fact, we adore them; it's just that sometimes they drive us up the wall. And that's where this blog comes in - a safe space for parents who need to vent about the chaos of family life without feeling guilty or judged. So grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger!) because you're about to embark on an honest and hilarious journey with us. 

From sleepless nights to endless tantrums, from messy diapers to picky eaters - nothing is off-limits here at Dad and Buried! With our witty anecdotes and relatable stories, you'll find solace in knowing you're not alone in your struggles as a parent. It's time for some much-needed humour amidst all the chaos of raising tiny humans. So buckle up and join us on this rollercoaster ride called parenthood – sure, it might be bumpy but trust us when we say there will never be a dull moment here at Dad and Buried!

Dad and Buried: Blog

As a counter-parent, the author acknowledges parenting is difficult, and hopes to provide a forum for parents to vent. While the blog is often funny, it does contain some very important information that parents should be aware of, as well. It has gained a substantial following among parents and teenagers alike.

Mike Julianelle is a thirty-year-old North Carolinian who writes the blog. The blog is full of witty posts about parenting and the challenges he faces as a new dad. It's a diary of his life as a father, full of advice and tips for parents as well as podcasts and social media posts.

Being a parent can be a difficult and tricky job full of unexpected turns. Thankfully, blogs like Dad and Buried offer comical insight on the challenges of parenting in a relatable way. Read this article to find out more about this blog and how it can help make your life as a parent just that little bit easier!

Mike Julianelle of Brooklyn created Dad and Buried: the Anti Parent Parenting Blog as an outlet to his love for his son while admitting it can sometimes be challenging as a parent. Adjustments need to be made when caring for another human being such as having limited freedom for drinking whenever one wishes and more of his activities now focused more on children; nonetheless Julianelle still claims he remains true to himself despite these modifications.

Introducing Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried is an anti-parent parenting blog. The blog's author, Mike Julianelle, is a stay-at-home dad who writes about the realities of parenting from a not-so-traditional perspective.

Through his writing, Julianelle aims to provide an honest and unfiltered look at what it's really like to be a parent. He covers topics such as the struggles of potty training, the challenges of dealing with tantrums, and the difficulties of getting your kids to eat their vegetables.

In addition to offering up his own stories and observations, Julianelle also provides helpful tips and advice for other parents who might be struggling with similar issues. He has a knack for making even the most difficult parenting moments seem relatable and manageable.

If you're looking for an honest, funny, and often irreverent take on parenting, then Dad and Buried is definitely worth checking out.

The Parenting Philosophy Behind Dad and Buried

The parenting philosophy behind Dad and Buried is one of minimalism. The blog's author, Mike, believes that parents should do less for their children and let them fend for themselves more. He feels that this will lead to kids who are more independent and self-sufficient.

Mike has been criticized for his parenting style, but he stands by his beliefs. He believes that the traditional way of parenting, in which parents do everything for their children, is not preparing them for the real world. In his opinion, it is important for kids to learn how to take care of themselves and solve their own problems.

Some people may not agree with Mike's philosophy, but he makes some valid points. His approach to parenting is definitely different from the norm, but it seems to be working for him and his family.

Pros and Cons of the Blog's Advice

There are certainly pros and cons to the advice given on the Dad and Buried blog. On the plus side, the author is clearly a very experienced parent who has a lot of great insights into the challenges and joys of parenting. He is also very honest about the difficulties of parenting, which can be refreshing for readers who are struggling with their own parental roles.

On the downside, some of the author's advice may be seen as controversial by some readers. For example, he is very frank about his preference for spending time away from his children, which could be interpreted as him not being particularly invested in their lives. Additionally, he frequently advocates for "unplugging" from technology and social media in order to focus on family time, which might not be realistic or possible for all families.

Useful Tips from Dad and Buried

In "Dad and Buried: The Anti Parent Parenting Blog Reviewed", the author provides some useful tips from the blog that may be helpful for parents.

  1.  According to the author, one of the most useful tips from Dad and Buried is to "stop being a people pleaser." As parents, we often feel like we have to do everything perfectly in order to be accepted by our family, friends, and society. However, this can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Instead, we should focus on what makes us happy and what is best for our family.
  2. Another useful tip from Dad and Buried is to "be honest with your kids." We should never lie to our children or try to sugarcoat things in order to protect their feelings. This will only make them feel more insecure and confused when they eventually find out the truth. It's important to be open and honest with our kids so that they can trust us and feel comfortable coming to us with any problems or concerns they may have.
  3. The last tip from Dad and Buried that the author mentions is to "enjoy your life." As parents, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of taking care of our kids and forget about our own needs and desires. However, it's important to take time for ourselves every once in awhile so that we can recharge and be the best parents we can be.


Activities for Kids From the Blog

There is no shortage of activities for kids from the Dad and Buried blog. In fact, there are so many activities that it can be hard to keep track of them all! The blog has a dedicated page for parents looking for things to do with their kids, and it's divided into categories like crafts, indoor activities, and outdoor adventures.

The crafts section is full of DIY project ideas that both kids and adults will enjoy. There are also printables and templates available for download. The indoor activities include everything from games and puzzles to science experiments. And the outdoor adventures range from exploring nature to going on scavenger hunts.

With so many great ideas to choose from, you're sure to find something your family will love. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start having some fun! 

How Other Parents Have Been Affected by Reading the Blog

Reading the Dad and Buried blog has had a profound effect on other parents. Some have found comfort in knowing they are not alone in their frustrations with parenting. Others have been able to gain a new perspective on their own struggles. And still others have been inspired to start their own anti-parenting blog! Here are just a few of the many ways that other parents have been affected by reading the Dad and Buried blog:

"This blog is exactly what I needed. I was starting to feel like I was the only one who felt this way about parenting. Thank you for giving me a voice!" -A frustrated parent

"I never realized how much my own attitude was impacting my children. This blog has really helped me change my outlook on parenting." -A parent who is now more positive

"I'm so glad I found this blog! It's help me laugh through the tough times and remember why I decided to become a parent in the first place." -A grateful parent

"I never would have thought to start my own anti-parenting blog, but after reading Dad and Buried, I'm inspired to do just that!" -A new blogging parent


We have reviewed Dad and Buried, the anti-parent parenting blog by Mike Julianelle. This blog offers an honest and humorous look at parenthood, as well as helpful practical advice for all parents. With its easy to follow format, it can provide a good starting point to help you navigate the often confusing world of parenting. Whether you are looking for laughs or serious advice on how to raise kids, Dad and Buried is certainly worth your time!

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