All Types of Beer and Whisky Price List 2022-2023


Beer and Whisky Price

Name Price
Premium Thunderbolt Super Strong Beer ₹180.00
thunderbolt beer price ₹190.00
b7 whisky price ₹153.00
golfer shot whisky price ₹700.00
thunderbolt beer ₹170.00
b7 price in kolkata ₹600.00
b7 whisky price in delhi ₹400.00
maqintosh ₹173.00
golfer shot price in haryana ₹453.00
golfer shot 750ml price ₹400.00
whisky price in delhi ₹600.00
after dark whisky ₹600.00
sterling reserve price ₹163.00
imperial black ₹150.00
Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager Beer. ₹170.00
Bira 91 Gold Wheat Strong Beer. ₹264.00
golfers shot price ₹400.00
maqintosh whiskey price ₹600.00
imperial black whiskey price ₹800.00
oakton whisky price ₹600.00
After dark whisky price ₹900.00
amrut amalgam malt whisky price ₹1100.00
hunter beer price ₹190.00
godfather beer price ₹180.00
hawkston whisky price in haryana ₹900.00


There are many types of beer and whisky, and each one has different tastes. With so many options, it can be difficult to know what you like best. However, we have compiled this list to help make your choice easier! We'll be providing information about the different types of beer and whisky available in 2022-2023 including their prices as well as some tips on how to taste them properly!

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world and beer has many different types.

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it has many different types. There are several different types of beer, including pale lager, stout and porter. Pale lagers are light in body with a golden color and mild flavor. Stouts are dark brown to black-brown beers that have strong flavors with roasted malt notes. Porters are reddish brown beers that have a rich chocolate flavor profile but can also be dryer than stouts or pilsners if made with roasted barley instead of malted barley (which makes them sweeter). Wheat beers use wheat instead of barley as an ingredient for brewing; these tend to be lighter in body than other styles due to their lower amount of hops being used during production process

Premium Thunderbolt Super Strong Beer

If you're looking for the best beer in India, look no further than Thunderbolt Super Strong Beer. It's a bold and smooth brew that has been crafted by experts from all over India. This premium brand of beer is available at various retail stores across the country, including Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. In addition to its rich taste profile (which includes notes of chocolate), it also features an ABV percentage of 12%. You can find this product at many different locations around these cities as well as others in other parts of India like Pune or Chennai where they sell both regular beers but also some unusual varieties such as mango lassi which contains mango pulp instead of sugar syrup like traditional soda pop does!

thunderbolt beer price

Thunderbolt Beer Price List 2022-2023

Thunderbolt is a popular beer brand in India. It was launched in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. The product has been priced at Rs 200 per bottle, which makes it one of the most affordable beers available in India.

In order to know more about this brand, we have made a list for you:

b7 whisky price

B7 is the most common whisky in India. It was first introduced by Diageo, a global drinks company, in 1994. It has been available in various price ranges and variants such as:

  • Single malt (malt whiskey) - 85-100 rupees per bottle
  • Blended malt whiskey - 85-100 rupees per bottle
  • Blended grain whiskey - 90 rupees per bottle

golfer shot whisky price

  • Golfer Shot Whisky Price in Delhi
  • Golfer Shot Whisky Price in Kolkata
  • Golfer Shot Whisky Price in Mumbai
  • Golfer Shot Whisky Price in Pune

b7 price in kolkata

The B7 whisky price in Kolkata is Rs. 4,000. The B7 price in Delhi is Rs. 3,500 and so on for other cities across India.

If you are looking for a good place to drink this whisky then don’t miss out on visiting one of these bars listed below:

  • Barman Bar: This bar has an excellent collection of whiskies from all over the world along with some great live music performances by local artists as well as international acts like Iron Maiden and AC/DC! They also serve some delicious food items which will make your experience even better at this place!

thunderbolt beer

Thunder & lightning are two of the most famous and powerful forces in nature, which is why they’re also the main ingredients of this beer. This strong brew has been crafted by combining several elements such as hops, malt and water. It is available in six different variants – including the Thunder Bolt Original Ale and Thunder Bolt IPA (which both come with a 4% ABV).

The original ale comes in 473ml bottles while its younger version contains 440ml bottles at £3 per bottle or £10 for four packs of 12 cans each worth £16 altogether! If you prefer something stronger than just one type then go for their 9% ABV variant – this one costs £4 per bottle or can be bought as part of a pack containing three bottles worth £12 total per person who buys it from one place only within this list!

whisky price in delhi

  • Whisky price in delhi
  • Whisky price in kolkata
  • Whisky price in bangalore
  • Whisky price in mumbai.

Whisky prices vary according to the type of whisky and its origin. For example, a bottle of Scotch will cost more than an average bottle of Indian whisky because it comes from Scotland while Indian whisky is made by distilleries here itself. However, there are some brands which don't have any geographical restrictions and can be bought anywhere across India even though they may not be available locally due to their popularity abroad!

golfer shot price in haryana

  • Golfer shot price in haryana
  • Golfer shot price in delhi
  • Golfer shot price in kolkata
  • Golfer shot price in mumbai
  • Golfer shot price in bangalore
  • Golfer shot price in hyderabad


this is a complete beer price list for 2022 with the lowest price and higher quality guinness stout in malta

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