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Tautulli is one among the foremost in style third party plex players. Moreover, Tautulli could be a smart notification tool & is a should have app which is used to track new content added to the server, create newsletters for different users and build customized notifications for special events. It provides several features including –

  • Who watched which file
  • When & where something was watched
  • Access to visualize all facts/data in one go 
Plex Plugins to use in 2021

Web Tools

Web Tools is one of the commonly used plex plugins to feature many benefits to Plex to provide users additional management control over key functions, it’s a set of utilities to help with the management of plex media server. 
This tool was set up by Omc1000 (frontend) and Dane22(backend). 

It has some of the presently available tool modules like -
  • Subtitle management
  • Logs
  • Findmedia
  • Playlists
  • TechInfo
  • UAS (Unsupported App Store)
Plex Plugins


Sub-Zero finds and adds the simplest suitables for your media. It is described as a much better alternative than Web tools. It collects subtitles from 9 numerous sites covering a range of languages- instinctively looking for updates so that users can get the finest content & suitable subtitles. It additionally helps in leading subtitles with the built-open Plex open subtitle tools.

Cigaras IPTV

IPTV is one of the most trendy networks all over the world which broadcast their films , series, TV programs, etc. It is one of the best places to watch films, series, and TV shows early. With the help of Cigaras IPTV you can access your favourite channels in any country except if the content or website is geo- restricted. If any user wants to download new content from plex, he can do so using M3U Playlist URLs. 


Filebot helps you to set up your content by automatically renaming poor named files that produces easier for plex to acknowledge. It gives your files better names for improved organization. It uses online databases like IMDB and to properly determine and label your media – creating your server easier to access and manage, and guaranteeing dangerous labels don’t stop files from showing in your Plex library. Filebot charges $6 for an annual license and $48 for a time period license, and you’ll it mistreatment its windows and macOS installers or manual laborer.


Bazaar is a type of plex plugins which works like Subzero - it discovers accurate subtitles for plex media files. Bazaar can access accurate subtitles from over 25 various sources & can renew current subtitles if superior ones become available. If any user is in need to install bazarr then he will also have to install its companion apps Sonarr and Radarr. 


Ombi allows users to access mutual plex server request current content from the server owner.
If a user shares its server with other users, than he can make use of Ombi to give those users an immediate and simple way to request content by automatically identical requests with selected DVR apps. After that, the DVR tool uploads the requested content to plex server. Ombi can be quickly installed using the app Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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