Worried about Home Inspection? Here are 12 questions to ask
There are several important things that have to be looked into before you buy a house. It doesn’t matter whether the house is old or brand new; it is vital that you decide for a house that is safe to live in. The only way to do so is by having a thorough inspection of the house you have chosen.

Home Inspection

12 Important questions to ask about Home Inspection

But there are many aspects that have to be considered when you think of house inspection. At many times it becomes scary for the buyers because there is false information that has been spread about these inspections but for Stop Renting and Buy your own you don’t have to worry. So if you are scared about the home inspection or have doubts then it is best to ask questions regarding this procedure.

What is the term Home Inspection?

This term has very broad meaning; as it can refer to the inspection of many reasons. Mainly it is done for buying and selling of the house. But there are other goals for it; most importantly assessing the estimated damage of a property after a disaster. But here the inspection is made to judge whether the house is in good condition or not.

Is it really necessary?

It is vital that you conduct a home inspection but it is not necessary. Many of the sellers have already made an inspection and the house can be cleared of all hurdles. It is optional to have an inspection. But there are some loans that are applied specifically for buying a home then the house inspection is mandatory.

What services are provided?

A house is made up of several types of materials and each of them must be checked efficiently. The inspector thoroughly examines the whole building; starting from the ground floor to the rooftop, inspecting the wood and timber for pests that are used. If the house is being newly constructed then the inspection must be done from the very first stage. Check for any defects in the building.

Which points the Inspectors focus on?

The inspector has the crucial duty to check every edge of the house from all angles. If there are some renovations done in the original structure then the initial design must be looked into. The inspector must follow a checklist which includes the overall structure of the house, electric, heating and ventilation system, drainage, plumbing, hot and cold water systems and other maintenance issues.

Is it important for Stop Renting and Buy your own?

Like other properties, it is also optional. It is totally up to the buyer whether to have the inspection or not. But there are companies like Stop Renting Perth that checks the condition of the house so that the buyers get a safe house to live in.

What to do before House Inspection?

Although, the inspection is conducted by the inspector the buyer has to do a research of his/ her own. You have to know the history of the location, the quality of the land and the condition of the house. It is vital that you write down some questions you can ask during the inspection.

How much time is taken?

This utterly depends on the size of the house. A small studio apartment can take only 2 to 3 hours for a complete check. But if you have selected a large home like a mansion; then it can take longer at least a day.

Who is in charge of the Inspection?

The buyers are the ones who have to be in charge of the inspection. Whatever requirements there are for the inspection has to be fulfilled by the purchasers. These requirements include; hiring the inspector, giving the time needed and paying for the inspection services. Sometimes there is a single inspector who does all tasks but when the house big then a team can be hired.

Why hire a Certified Inspector?

If you think that the contractor of the house is the right person for knowing the problems in the house then you are mistaken. There is a difference between a contractor and a certified inspector. The contractor can fix the maintenance issues; whereas, the inspector is the only person to detect the defects in a professional way.

Can buyers be present at the time of Inspection?

Attending the inspection is all depends on the buyer. The inspector insists the buyer be present at the inspection day. But the buyer can choose to trust the inspector and let him/ her do the check on his/ her own. It is beneficial for the buyer to be on the day as he/ she will know the issues in the building.

What to do after the House Inspection?

There are multiple decisions that you can make depending on the condition of the house. If the house is in repairable circumstances then you can either do it yourself or request the owner of the house to do it for you. But there is another option to choose to reject the house if the condition is worse.

Can the buyers demand the Reports?

 If you are considering the option of Stop Renting and Buy your own; then you don’t necessarily need a report. But for other options of buying the report is important to look at as you can know what defects and issues are in the house.

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