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All of us are aware of the fact that this era has been completely absorbed in the technologies, turning out to be tech-savvy consumers. No query is left unanswered because of too many available options for search engines. Commonly used are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and A huge responsibility lies on these organizations to be able to provide with brief and relevant information to the clients within a short span of time. It is observed that 91% of people who browse the internet regularly rely on the internet for information. All of us know that when we browse regarding a particular subject, we are exposed to 1000 results which are scattered in many pages. But simultaneously we are even aware of the fact that when the users do not find their results on the first page of the search engine, they usually change the subject that they are looking for on the search menu. The websites which are ranked on search engines are optimized and analysed by digital marketing consultants. These consultants guide you why your website is not ranking on search engines and which important points should take care on your website.

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Important SEO factors that would matter:

1. Not violating any kind of rule: it becomes very important for the organization to follow the guidelines and not violate any of them.

2. Free reference links- the second most important factor would be providing the client with free reference links because there might be some content which would tend to help the reader and he/she might decide to download the same, but it would be of no use if the reference link asks for subscriptions.

3. Customer satisfaction- The motive of every business firm must be customer satisfaction/client satisfaction. It is advised to build customer relationship management platforms so that the firm functions better than before.

4. Feedback platforms- Consumers/clients are the kings of a market. It would become easier for the firm to function when they would have a thin line of idea of what the clients/users want as content on their screens. This would benefit both the client and the service provider.

5. Security- Security must be the firm’s first priority because that is what the clients and the users would prefer while browsing your website.

6. Speed- When it comes to speed as a factor, it becomes a matter of concern for every age group, whether it is of the younger generation or teens, senior citizens, or the adults. The firm must make sure that the information is provided to the clients in a short span of time.

7. Accessibility- Creating a search engine which cannot be easily accessible is of no point. The area of concern lies in the fact that these search engines block the URL while accessing, which is therefore unacceptable by most of the users.

8. Brand Signal
    2008, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

▪︎Direct Website  traffic
-     Skewed

▪︎Brand Queries-study done by Moz
     -Social Signals

9. Dwell Time 
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on site 
  • Dwell time 
  • decrease Bounce rate
  • Deeper linking 
  • more relevant pages 
  • Engage user visuality
  • Examine High  Bounce rate 
10. Website Speed -july 2018
      Improve Speed Insights
  • Use good hosting 
  • Optimize Images 
  • Browser Caching 
11. Domain Authority 
  • Build relationships (link)
  • Provide values( Amazing content)
  • Set Exception 
12. Backlinks 
      Increase number  of referring domain vs backlines
  • Broken link building 
  • find relevant Resources pages 
  • Brand influence marketing 
  • offline efforts 
  • Marketing strategies 
  • visual content 
  • definitive 
  • Original Research port
13. Secure Site 
  • Switching from http to https 
14. Content Development 
  • content length-Neil Patel 
  • Use bullet point 
  • Promotion 
  • social channel 
  • Paid ads 
  • influence your space 
  • medium 
  • link building outreach
  • Omnichannel 
  • Bonus: Recovering from penalties 
  • Manual actives report 
  • agile media

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