TheOneSpy – Best Parental Control and Monitoring App for Android Devices
TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful and feature-rich parental control and monitoring apps for android mobile phones and tablets. It offers a wide range of high-tech features enabling users to secretly and remotely supervise activities performed on and around an android device. The web portal of the spy app is used to operate the monitored android device and to get access to the data synced from the monitored phone. This advanced monitoring device can be subscribed for different time periods against a reasonable amount. Read on to know more about the parental control and cell phone monitoring app.

How does TheOneSpy Work

The cell phone spy app works in stealth mode. The user can keep the use of spy app hidden by concealing the app icon on the monitored android device. Moreover, the spy app executes its functions without making sounds or showing notification on the targeted device. Once the spy app is installed on the targeted cell phone, the user can operate it via web portal. After app installation, the data stored on the monitored device get synced and uploaded by the spyware software to the online portal of TheOneSpy from where the end-user can review and retrieve the entire data anytime.

Role of TheOneSpy Parental Control App

TheOneSpy is particularly designed for non-tech savvy parents to supervise the digital behavior of kids without inconvenience. Using the app parents can safeguard their kids from the potential dangers of mobile phones, internet and digital technologies. The high-tech tracker software also enables parents to look after their kids by tracking their location and monitoring their surroundings. Given are the features of the parental control app that elaborate the role of TheOneSpy in child monitoring.

Live Screen Recorder

The monitoring software enables parents to closely watch out the cell phone activities of their children by getting their mobile phone screens recorded. The app lets you capture whatever appears on the screen in real-time. You can also schedule screen recording and screenshots.

Call Recorder

The phone calls received and made via monitored android device can remotely be tracked with TheOneSpy. The parental control app records all incoming and outgoing calls to let parents listen to the phone calls of their kids. It also syncs call logs to provide detail of phone calls and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

SMS Tracker

The SMS tracker app enables parents to read chats of their kids by accessing their incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and instant messages. The spy app also syncs SMS logs containing contact numbers of message senders and receivers.

Location Tracker

The android surveillance app allows parents to keep track of their kids’ tours. It provides current GPS location of kids’ monitored devices and shows location history containing detail of every tour made by your loved ones. 

Monitor Browsing History

The parental control app allows parents to monitor the internet use of their children. The app gets access to the internet browsing history of mobile phones used by kids. This lets you know which webpages are being visited by your children frequently. You can block access to objectionable websites to make the internet secure for your kids.

Monitor Social Messengers

The high-tech spy software allows monitoring popular social apps, dating apps and instant messengers. Using the android spy app, parents can track their kids’ activities on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, Hangout and Kik. The app lets you track chats, calls and media files exchanged by your kids via above mentioned social apps. 


The cell phone spyware app acts as keylogger and records keystrokes of the monitored android phone. These keystrokes enable parents to access usernames, passwords and email addresses of their teens.

Take over Cameras

The mobile phone of your kid can remotely be controlled via web portal of TheOneSpy. The app lets you turn on primary and secondary cameras of monitored android device. In this way, you can see and capture the surroundings in form of photos or videos.

Take over MIC

The android spyware app also allows taking over the microphone of monitored android device. By sending multiple commands via online portal, you can listen to the surrounding sounds for as long as you want.

Remote Control Apps

The android tracker app lets you manage apps installed on your kid’s phone. You can block, unblock and even uninstall apps without accessing phone.
The android monitoring and parental control app offers several other features. You can know more about features, package plans and subscription cost of the spy software on website.

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