Are You Too Possessive For Your Money? If Yes, Then Know This First
The ultimate goal of every person’s life is to become financially stable and free. It means you can buy anything without worrying about money. But the sad part is that only a few people are able to achieve this goal. According to recent data, most people in the UK living their life on pay-check to pay-check.
Possessive For Your Money

This is the reason why people follow different ways to save money. Some people start living a FRUGAL LIFE and some initiate STINGY LIFE. Though, many of you don’t know what frugal and stingy life is. It is totally fine, let’s understand what these terms are.

Frugal living: In this, people spend money with consciousness without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Stingy living: In this, People are not generous with their money. They do not want to spend a single penny and always worried about their finance which unfortunately affects their lifestyle.

If you are living a frugal life, and then it is fine but become “TOO FRUGAL” turns you into stingy. And it is not a good way to save money. You still wondering, why being stingy is bad where the ultimate goal is to save money? You do not have to worry because we have described why it is bad and how you can achieve a financial goal without being too frugal?
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Let’s understand this by a real-life instance. 

Suppose there is a person named Justin. He had a small family including his wife and a son. Like any other guy, he aims to save money. It is a basic nature, right? Then where is the problem?

Now, Justin starts saving money from morning cup of tea to dinner. He avoids parties and does not prefer to wear decent clothes. And in this technological world where digitalisation has become a part of life, Justin denied the request of buying a computer for his son. 

What kind of life is this???

Do you think saving money in this way can help you to achieve your goal? Absolutely, “NOT”.

You can see cutting expenses in every place does not mean you are living a financially free life. You have to spend money but CONSCIOUSLY. You may not have any idea about how you can save money without being stingy. We have discussed some wonderful ways through which you can easily live a financially free life. 


The first step is to divide your expenditure in three categories.

1. Essential expenses 

2. Partly Cost 

3. Avoidable cost

Essential expenses are those costs, which are important for livelihood. Like food, clothes, rental and utility bills. 

Partly Cost includes gadgets, appliances, cars and many more. You can live without these expenses though it can only enhance your living experience. 

Avoidable costs are those expenses that you can avoid but not every time like watching movies in the theatre. You can watch but every week may lead to a financial crisis. 


Learn to say “YES”

Many people deny their family member’s request to buy something. But always saying NO is not a good option. Suppose your kids wants to spend some time outside the house. In that scenario, you can arrange a picnic so that they feel good. 

Buy thing only when you need

Unnecessary purchasing is something that may ruin your monthly budget. It would be better if you ask yourself a question that do you really need this stuff. If yes, then you can go ahead otherwise backing off would be a better option. 

Do not cut expenses on food

Food is something that is an essential part of our life. And without it, you cannot survive for a day. You should spend on food even if you are in a tight budget. Always prefer homemade food so that you can stay away from high cost outside food. 

Similarly, a few little expenses disturb your whole balance financially, but the attitude of saying ‘yes’ works here. Suppose, if you are facing short term financial problems, then you can say yes to the borrowing options such as  doorstep loans from reputed direct lenders in Ireland like EveryHourLoans. In this, you can easily get money at your house to get instant relief from troubles. And if you have any other methods, then you can go ahead but make sure that it does not lead you to more debts. 

Create beautiful memories not bitter one

Stingy people always avoid spending money whenever they go for a family reunion and gathering. So, do not resist yourself to spend some amount. It is important because after all, you cannot buy memories you only can create them.

The more you give, the more you get. It is what a life without stingy. You can see there are many ways through which you can easily manage your finance and save money. Follow the above-mentioned methods to achieve your goal. 

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