7 Smart Tips for Staging Your Living Room
If you are putting your house for sale on the market, preparation and presentation are the major keys to sell it faster at a better rate. Though curb appeal improvements can be of great help, interiors are always considered to be the most important selling point.

Home staging need not be a costly and time-consuming process, particularly if your house is already in good shape.  Adding neutral shades, small details and reorganizing your furniture to make the space feel attractive and inviting. These are some easy yet affordable ways to make your home more appealing to future buyers.

Let us have a look at your living room and present it for sale in the best way to attract your buyers.
  1. Your suite – You will often find houses in the market that have old and sagging sofas and these are no more in fashion. According to O'Sullivan property agents in Mayfair, When any homeowner tells they wish to replace their suite before moving, you should ask them to do it immediately in order to keep the house in a saleable condition. The old sofa is related to outdated house and this is exactly what buyers will think.  A new modern sofa will add a stylish look to the living room and prove to be a worthwhile investment for you.
  2. Your carpeting – It is important to see if the living room has heavily patterned, darkly-colored, or both kind of carpet. Talk to a professional and know if it can be cleaned for a new look or you really need to replace it. A worn and dirty carpet gives the impression that the house is not taken proper care. So, if you want to show a well-decorated home, then it is worth investing a few hundred pounds in this new carpet.
  3. Your walls – You will have to present a buyer with a d├ęcor that they like, as much as you do. Few people prefer neutral or modern color schemes.  If you have a feature wall such as vibrant purple, you are separating anyone who doesn’t like purple shade. So, you should try to play safe and go for the neutral shades.
  4. Your lighting – This can actually create or break the impact of the living room. Table lamps and downlighters may create a cozy atmosphere by adding some splash of drama. If there is overhead lighting, try to leave that off and create the feeling of homeliness with other lighting choices.
  5. Your cushions – If you cannot validate a new sofa, then adding new cushions will refresh the look of your living room. You may purchase an inexpensive Ikea sofa and add colourful cushions in rich fabrics for some feeling of luxury without spending much money.
  6. Your accessories – Try to look around the living room at your ornaments and other accessories. See if you have something stylish or you have some collections of old-fashioned ornaments that you have collected for several years. If they have some sentimental value, then parcel them all for your forthcoming move. Thus, you can clear the space for some pieces that match with present home style and your new colourful cushions.
  7. Your art and pictures – According to estate agents in Mayfair, if the surfaces and walls are already covered with family portraits, then you need to take them down and pack them for your move. It will be best if art is neutral, like bland style that you find in hotels. Large pictures and mirrors in a style and colour will match with the living room and add the feeling of coordination as well as harmony.
Home staging should not cost much, but it may pay dividends. Follow these smart tips to present the living room for sale and grab attention of prospective buyers.

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